Embracing Homeschooling and Christian Art

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In this episode of Faithfully Engaged, host Johnny Sanders sits down with Haleigh DeRocher, the owner of Sweet Sequels and a homeschooling mom of four. They delve into Haleigh’s journey as an artist and business owner and her decision to homeschool her children. The conversation highlights the joys and benefits of homeschooling, dispels common misconceptions, and emphasizes the importance of incorporating art and literature into children’s education.

From Literature to Art: The Birth of Sweet Sequels

Haleigh shares her story of starting Sweet Sequels, a business specializing in literary-inspired art. As an artist and lover of books, Haley’s passion led her to combine her artistic skills with her love for literature, resulting in a unique venture that has brought her fulfillment and success.

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Balancing Business and Motherhood

As a mom of four young children, Haley discusses the challenges and rewards of managing a business while homeschooling. She emphasizes the importance of finding a balance that allows her to spend quality time with her kids, create art, and pursue her love for reading.

The Decision to Homeschool

Haleigh reveals her initial hesitation towards homeschooling due to its stigma. However, after moving to a new area and discovering a homeschool hybrid model, she and her husband decided it was the best choice for their family. Haley shares the advantages of homeschooling, such as imparting personal values and spending more time with her children.

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The Changing Face of Homeschooling

Reflecting on her own experience and the homeschooling community, Haley notes how the stigma associated with homeschooling has diminished. She highlights the diverse options available, from different curriculums to hybrid models and co-ops, allowing families to tailor their homeschooling approach to their unique needs.

Homeschooling as an Artistic Journey

Johnny and Haleigh explore the artistic aspects of homeschooling and the freedom it provides to incorporate art and literature into children’s education. Haley shares her delight in reading classic literature with her kids and engaging in art activities, emphasizing how homeschooling enables her to instill her values and passions in her children’s learning experience.

Overcoming Homeschooling Challenges

While acknowledging the initial overwhelming nature of homeschooling, Haleigh assures parents that ample support and resources are available. She encourages parents to explore different curricula and connect with the homeschooling community, emphasizing that homeschooling only requires a little extensive lesson planning or vast knowledge in all subjects.

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Homeschooling is Worth It

Homeschooling offers a unique opportunity for parents to actively engage in their children’s education actively, fostering their love for art, literature, and personal values. Haleigh’s journey as an artist, business owner, and homeschooling mom exemplifies the rewards and possibilities that homeschooling can bring. By embracing homeschooling and incorporating their passions, parents can create a fulfilling educational experience for their children that aligns with their family’s values and aspirations.

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Embracing Faith and Art: Overcoming Cultural Decay

In a world of cultural decay and decline, Christians must reclaim their role in shaping the arts and influencing society. The dismissal of art and the secularization of culture by Christians can lead to a significant loss in their ability to impact the world positively. Haleigh explores the importance of Christians engaging in art, standing up for their beliefs, and the challenges they may face. Through the inspiring journey of artist Haleigh DeRocher, we gain insight into the significance of creating art rooted in Christian values and the resilience required to overcome opposition.

The Significance of Christian Art:

Throughout history, Christian themes have dominated the art world, with many great masterpieces centered around Christianity. Christian artists played a pivotal role in creating powerful and influential works in eras like the Renaissance. However, in today’s society, there is often skepticism or suspicion towards the arts among Christians. This reluctance to engage with art and culture poses a problem as it relinquishes the opportunity to influence and inspire others.

Haleigh DeRocher’s Art Journey

Haleigh DeRocher, an artist and business owner, shares her experience navigating the challenges of being a Christian artist in a culture dominated by secular ideologies. Initially, Haleigh hesitated to address controversial topics, fearing backlash and potential damage to her business. However, as she observed the leftist ideologies prevalent on social media, she felt compelled to speak up and share her Christian perspective.

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Facing Backlash and Cancel Culture

Haleigh’s decision to be open about her beliefs and address topics like abortion led to her being targeted by cancel culture. She faced immense backlash, lost thousands of followers, and received hateful messages. Nevertheless, Haleigh discovered that adversity strengthened her resolve to be a bold, conservative Christian artist. Despite the initial discomfort and fear, she found courage in her faith and trusted that God would guide her path.

The Power of Standing Firm

Through Haleigh’s experiences, we understand the importance of standing firm in one’s convictions. While facing opposition may be daunting, it is necessary for Christians to embrace the cross they bear and refuse to back down. By speaking out and creating art rooted in truth, Christians can influence others and expose them to the Gospel’s transformative power.

Haleigh discussed how she received a lot of support even though she faced backlash. She was tweeted support from Allie Beth Stuckey.

Haleigh also receives support from many conservative Christians throughout her social media.

Advice for Christians Facing Opposition

For those struggling with the decision to speak up and stand firm in their faith, Haleigh offers some valuable advice. First, she emphasizes the need to trust in God and rely on the prompting of the Holy Spirit. Despite the potential backlash, Christians should remember that they are called to be bold and make a difference in a dark and lost world. Haleigh encourages individuals to push past their fears, reminding them that discomfort and opposition should not hinder their commitment to sharing the truth.

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Preparation and Support

While courage and faith are vital, preparing for potential consequences is crucial. Christians should seek support from their church community, pastors, and trusted friends who can provide guidance and encouragement. Additionally, preparing for alternative options or avenues for expressing their beliefs can help mitigate the impact of any potential loss or backlash.


In a society riddled with cultural decay, Christians must reclaim their role in shaping the arts and influencing the world around them. Through art, Christians can inspire others, challenge prevailing ideologies, and expose people to the truth. The journey of Haleigh DeRocher is a powerful reminder of the importance of embracing faith and art, even in the face of opposition. By trusting in God, standing firm in their beliefs, and being unafraid to address controversial topics, Christians can impact culture and society.