Embracing Redemption: Overcoming Past Sins Through God’s Grace

Show Notes

In this episode of Faithful Friday, Johnny Sanders delves into the transformative power of God’s grace, particularly focusing on individuals who have experienced significant struggles in their past. Drawing from the testimony of a previous guest, Caleih Weichbrot, Johnny emphasizes that no matter the depth of one’s sins—whether sexual, substance-related, or otherwise—redemption and a new life in Christ are always possible. He provides encouragement through Titus 3:3-7, highlighting that salvation is a gift of mercy, not based on our works. Johnny also discusses the cultural implications of sin, the importance of not dwelling on past guilt, and offers practical advice for those seeking direction in their faith journey.

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00:09 – 00:42: Introduction and weekend plans

00:42 – 01:22: Mention of Kaylee Reichbrot’s episode and her story

01:22 – 02:33: Addressing struggles of young women and men with past sins

02:33 – 04:55: Emphasis on the impact of sexual sin and societal judgment

04:55 – 07:13: Consequences of sin and the reality of living in a broken world

07:13 – 09:38: Emphasizing that all are sinners and the need for redemption

09:38 – 12:04: Critique of the red pill movement and the importance of a biblical worldview

12:04 – 14:29: God’s mercy and salvation through grace, not works

14:29 – 16:52: Moving beyond the past and focusing on God’s gift

16:52 – 19:16: Embracing the identity of being heirs of eternal life

19:16 – 21:39: Practical advice for those struggling with their past and seeking direction


Johnny Sanders (00:00)

Hello everyone and welcome back to another Faithful Friday. I hope you’ve all had a fantastic week, and that you have some excellent ideas for fun this weekend. Hey, if you’re listening on YouTube, Rumble, or whatever, why don’t you go ahead and comment maybe something you have planned this weekend, something fun, even just playing video games on the couch. I would love to hear what you’re doing this weekend. If you didn’t have a chance to listen to the episode this past Monday with Kaylee Weichbrot, I

highly suggest you do so. Look, I love all of my guests, but Kaylee just had such a neat story about what God has done in her life and just some of the cool things she’s doing currently to help protect kids and things of that nature, especially in the trans movement and everything. Just doing some really neat work. So definitely check out that episode. Kaylee was a wonderful, wonderful guest. So something Kaylee mentioned in her story, and I certainly won’t touch all on this today.

She just had some pretty rough things happen in her past before God had saved her of her sins and she repented that that’s the great thing about her story is it’s not just a there’s bad stuff and then that’s like hey God saved me I repented and man now we move forward.  There are a lot of people, especially in today’s culture and look I’ll say it up a little bit, especially for young women

Don’t get me wrong, young men that have been saved maybe a little bit later in life or went through just a period of rebellion, especially as it relates to sexual sin and maybe even drugs and alcohol, things of that nature, young men can do all sorts of destructive things. So by pointing out young women here, I’m not saying that men are incapable of doing evil or that they don’t need to repent. No, no, no, no, absolutely they do. But why I’m emphasizing young women is just more kind of how they fit into the culture, changing their lives after especially sexual sin comes into the picture. Look, you guys have lived life. You’ve been in high schools, you’ve seen things online, you know the comments that young women, especially those who are sexually promiscuous, get. It’s usually not good. Even within the Christian ranks there, there’s a certain…

Johnny Sanders (02:33)

heavier depth and emphasis on a young woman’s past as opposed to a man’s past. And I’m not trying to get into feminism and things of that nature. I’m just looking at it culturally and honestly just emotionally as well. Sometimes women just hold that depth of that despair maybe a little bit more so than a young man who still needs to repent, mind you. I’m definitely not going to play this card where men don’t need to repent for sexual sin or anything like that. Just looking at more the individual, the woman that has been saved. That’s really who I’m talking to on this. That has been saved but has had a past. And maybe it’s not sexual, maybe it’s drug-related or maybe it’s not even anything big, major, but just sin. I lived a life of sin and now I’m trying to live a Christian life but I didn’t grow up in the church or I didn’t live the typical Christian life when I was a kid. Now what do I do? The good news here, now whether this is a young woman or young man or old woman or old man, there is a ton of scripture of ways that can be encouraging to you that has had a past of how we can move forward in a God-honoring way and a way to…

that you don’t need to live in that shame any longer. That sin has been forgiven for you if you have truly confessed Jesus Christ as your Lord and Savior and have repented of those sins. We don’t need to walk around with those all day long. Now, I’m not going to get into much of this today. That doesn’t mean that there’s not any consequences. Look, we know this especially sexually, whether there’s sexually transmitted diseases or just kind of the…

losing your virginity, if you get pregnant. Again, this is where some of these things get more so on a woman. A man gets the woman pregnant. It’s not like the sin is any less, but the woman carries that baby. The woman, maybe the man is encouraging an abortion, but the woman is the one who gets the abortion, who has to carry around that shame, that guilt, that trauma, all of that stuff. Again, that’s why I’m emphasizing the woman here who has had any type of past.

Johnny Sanders (04:54)

you don’t have to live in that shame any longer, but there are consequences. There are things bodily. We live, in a broken world. If I’ve had a child out of wedlock, that consequence of having a child, it’s not even all bad things, but that child’s there, right? It’s like we, the child doesn’t just cease to exist because we’re, we’re saved. So there are consequences. Some of which, especially with a child can be a beautiful thing. And some of which may be broken relationships. Maybe there’s physical health type of issues there. We don’t get away with all the consequences, but we do get to bask in God’s glory and have that forgiveness. Doesn’t matter what past you’ve had. So let’s jump into some scripture. Look, when I was parsing through scripture, really my issue here was narrowing it down. And instead of going to multiple passages in scripture because honestly, I was going to do that, I was going to bring three or four in but it just kept coming. Instead of that, I’m just going to focus on one, just know that there are many, many other instances in scripture that can emphasize this point. So today we’re going to look into Titus chapter three, specifically verses three through seven. So it reads, “In righteousness, but according to his own mercy. By the washing of regeneration and renewal of the Holy Spirit, whom He poured out on us richly through Jesus Christ our Savior, so that being justified by His grace, we might become heirs according to the hope of eternal life.” Just an incredible passage of Scripture here. And I think it really applies to those young women, young men that have had some type of past.

You were that girl. Yeah, you were the bad boy. And then you go into church and maybe people like, what is she doing here? What is he doing here? You know what those guys and girls are like. Look, again, we’ve been in high school. You’ve known people growing up who have had reputations. What I first want to emphasize before I get deeper into the scripture is, look, all of us were like that. I don’t care if you were the

Johnny Sanders (07:13)

sleeping around type if you had an abortion if you were into drugs and alcohol deeply or whatever. Maybe you just told a fib here and there maybe you cheated on a test every once in a while. Maybe you just thought too highly of yourself that you didn’t need God I don’t care what type of sin you had. We’re all sinners So that needs to be emphasized before we go in with kind of this like what’s she doing here? Tough attitude know that you Just like her, just like him are as equally guilty, and deserving of death, of punishment, of hell, being away from your Lord and savior for your entire existence. You don’t deserve anything. So I just want to emphasize that before we get in with this kind of elevated sense like, well, I wasn’t like that. I had a good reputation. Look, maybe in the world’s eyes, but in God’s eyes, none of us do. I want to emphasize that now like I mentioned going in. That doesn’t mean that all sins are created equal. Some do carry more weight than others. I tell a little fib, yeah, that’s worthy of eternal damnation. That much is true. But how that affects my neighbor, how that affects my relationships, things of that nature could be different. So there are some sins. Again, that’s why I’m emphasizing sexual sin. I emphasize that a lot on this show because it has so much weight towards you and your spouse or maybe it’s even abuse that somebody is sexually abusing like a child or something like that. That obviously carries a lot of weight. Sex is powerful. It’s extremely powerful. And when it’s not used within the God-ordained means of a loving marriage, it can be very destructive. Maybe, again, it’s not just sexual sin, but that’s the one that I kind of think of when we come in with the past and law emphasizing a lot of this too, just because of some of the cultural movement, red pill movement. I’ve talked about it a few times on the show. If you’re not aware of it, basically just looking into kind of a critical view towards feminism in the culture. There’s a lot that they get right. Feminism has done a lot of wrong. Feminism has really harmed, not just young men, it’s harmed young women more. So they get a lot right there.

Johnny Sanders (09:38)

But one of the issues of the red pill movement is it doesn’t seem to have a very strong Christian base to it. Now it has somewhat of a conservative-ish view, but not a particularly great biblical worldview. A lot of the emphasis is, yeah, you’re a girl, look, just say it this way. She’s being a whore, something of that nature. Like they’ll use that type of language and she’s not redeemable. That she’s a piece of trash, she’s slept around, it’s terrible. She doesn’t have worth. Now, we can get into a lot of arguments here. That doesn’t necessarily mean that you as a young male, if a woman has had a pretty rough sexual past, that doesn’t mean you have to date her or to marry her necessarily. I’m not pressuring anybody there. But what I am pressuring is that you cannot say from a biblical worldview that that young lady who maybe did sleep around a lot. Maybe did make a lot of bad sexual sense. Yes. Maybe she’ll have a lot of consequences. You can’t say that she’s irredeemable. That’s not a biblical worldview. None of us are beyond saving because if we were, none of us would be saved. So when we get into this kind of cultural movement, a young lady like that, especially that comes to faith, well, now what? What do I do with this? What do I do with all this guilt, with the shame?

Rightfully feeling that guilt and shame of their sin. We need to speak out against young ladies who are acting out sexually, who have an OnlyFans, who are sleeping around, who are looking for and getting abortions. That’s evil, evil, evil, and we need to call it out. So if you are getting out of that lifestyle, the initial guilt and shame you feel is actually a good thing because that tells us we don’t need to be living that life. But then when we’re saved and we repent, that is no longer our life anymore. So let’s get into the scripture a little bit more. Look, we can get deeper into this, but essentially I’m just going to say here that, this encompasses all of us. We have all done evil. We have all fallen short of the glory of God. Right. and it impacts people around us, hated by others, hating one another. We all fit in this camp.

Johnny Sanders (12:03)

Young lady, if you’re listening to this, know that maybe not all of us have done the same things that you have done, but we are all equally worthy of death, destruction, being separated from our Savior, and having no part of Him. So you are in our camp there. Again, those consequences may be different on this earth, but the consequences eternally are the same. So we are there together. This is the good part though. It doesn’t end there.

If we end in guilt and shame, it’s not really good news. That’s just kind of life, right? But it doesn’t end there. “But when the goodness and loving kindness of God our Savior appeared, He saved us not because of works done by us and righteousness, but according to His own mercy.” I can’t emphasize this point enough. You, if you’re listening here and maybe you kind of lived a more typical Christian Lifestyle and were saved at a young age grew up in church, and maybe didn’t fall into some of these sinful patterns first off I’ll say praise God for that that that is wonderful. I love testimonies where you know, they were saved at a young age and never fell into some of these big pits of sin that could really be destructive. Praise God like you don’t need to be ashamed of that We need to be thankful to God for having those moments, but it needs to be emphasized is it’s not because of any works you did. I mean, you did nothing to gain your salvation. Nothing. We heard none of us are worthy of this salvation. None of us. I don’t care when you were saved. I don’t care how many Bible studies you’ve done. None of us are worthy. You’ve got to comprehend that. And that goes for anybody. I don’t care how many sins, how many terrible things you’ve done. None of us can earn this. Bible study, doing things for the poor, volunteering, all that is…great stuff. We want to be doing works to show the evidence of our fruit. The book of James really talks about, you know, faith without works is dead. Like that is the evidence of our faith. Absolutely. We need to be active, but it did not save us. That order matters. If our work saves us, none of this matters. It’s workspace salvation, but the loving-kindness of God, our savior appeared. He saved us, not me.

Johnny Sanders (14:28)

He saved us not because of works done in righteousness, but according to his own mercy. It is God, God alone. You gotta understand it’s not about you. You that are sitting there with this past, look, you were deserving of death. There’s no question about it. Your acts were evil. That much is true. But God’s own mercy saved you. Praise God, right? This is why I wanted to go through this- if you are sitting there with the past, don’t just center on all the bad things you did. And look, little time out on this. Don’t make that all about your testimony either. Fitch it. Mention it as a piece of your testimony. Even go back to this, in my, episode with Caleigh, as Caleigh talked about her past. It is a piece of her testimony. Yes. But if you listen to that episode, she talked about a lot more than just her past. She’s talking about what she’s doing now about the family that she has now, the loving husband she has, and all the work she’s doing to help protect kids. Her testimony, the bad stuff that she did, that’s just a tiny piece of it. That’s the intro. Don’t make your past your testimony. Don’t get stuck on that. Move forward. Look at all the beauty that God has set forward for you because of His own mercy.

Focus on that in your testimony. Don’t focus on just the bad stuff. Like, use that bad stuff to glorify how great God is. Don’t sit in that shame. It’s done. It’s over. Let’s move forward. Moving on. By the washing and regeneration and renewal of the Holy Spirit, whom He poured out richly on us, richly through Jesus Christ our Savior, so that being justified by His grace, we might become heirs according to the hope of eternal life. Look. Just more emphasis. This is a big deal. It’s not about how great are the things that you’ve done or you did so much bad so you gotta do your penance and get all this stuff back to where we get back to an even playing field. No, God poured this out on us. That He gave us the washing and renewal of the Holy Spirit justified by His grace, by God’s grace, so we might become heirs.

Johnny Sanders (16:51)

according to the hope of eternal life. Now all of a sudden, like we’re dirt, like literal dirt. Adam was made through the dirt. Like we need to remember that. We are nothing. And through Christ, through the Holy Spirit, we’re now heirs. Remember that. Remember that if you have a past. Look, I get it. You’re gonna have times where people may talk badly about you. Maybe somebody from your past remembers you and they…You’re playing God now. Okay, you’ll be back. I get it. Those times are going to hurt. They will, especially if it happens in the church. But keep your eyes focused on what has happened. You were destined for death. You were dead. That’s who you were. You’re this this trap of death. But because of God, you are now heirs, according to the hope of eternal life. Guys, that’s incredible. Keep your eyes focused on that.

I don’t know what your future may be. There are going to be some people who maybe because of their past, maybe they struggle to find a spouse. Maybe they’ve, you’ve had a divorce, maybe you’ve had an abortion. Maybe you’ve dealt with, or maybe you’ve got an STD. Again, there are consequences. There’s real-world tough stuff. I’m not saying that you just focus on this passage and you have no struggles. I’m not saying that. I’m saying keep your eyes focused on what has been given to you. Don’t keep your eyes focused on what you were. Don’t get your eyes focused on what other people are saying. What has been given to you? Bask in that glory because it is incredible. And look, getting you listening that haven’t maybe had a huge past, you still need to do it because maybe you don’t think you have a past, but you do. None of us are deserving of the salvation. None of us.

And maybe, just maybe, you’re sitting here listening to this and you’re like, but yeah, I didn’t have a past. I don’t really need to be saved even. Like I don’t, I’m not a sinner. If you’re there, then this is going to sound callous, but I truly hope that you do feel guilt and shame, that you do feel bad. You do feel those depths. And I don’t say that in a like,

Johnny Sanders (19:15)

I’m better than you or that I wish like horrible, terrible things to happen to you and your family. I hope and pray for conviction to show that no, you’re not good. You don’t have it all figured out and you cannot do this on your own. You need Christ because He’s the only one that can save you. So those of you who are in that camp, you need God. I can’t help you. Only God can help you. Get on your hands and knees and pray for salvation to Christ that he would save you. That’s all that can help you there. But those of you who have done that, you know that Christ has saved your soul and you’re struggling with this past. Focus on what we talked about here. Focus on that love, that gift of eternal life, of being an heir. This love that’s been given to you is incredible. Do not focus on your past.

What’s done is done. Maybe that means I have to set some boundaries. Maybe I got to make some tough decisions with people in my life. Yeah, there are some tough things here and there, but you cannot be focused on your past. Be focused on your God and the salvation that he has given you. Maybe you’re sitting there with the past. Hey, I’ve done this. I know that I’ve been saved. And the church that I’m in is just.

They’re not doing it. They’re not preaching Christ. They’re not holding us accountable to His Word. Maybe you’re just not in a church. Maybe you’re struggling with dating after having a past or just direction in life. Maybe I need to get into a different job or career path. If you’re struggling in life, you want to help with some direction, feel free to reach out to me, faithfullyengaged .com. I offer consultation services for this reason. Just know again,

I am not God. I can’t offer you salvation. That’s not my job. I can try to point you in the right direction. God has gifted me with the ability to help,s to listen, and to help give people some good direction in life. And I also am connected. I’ve got some good resources in multiple states. If I don’t personally know the answer, I can do my best and I bet you I can help point you in the right direction. There’s some cool church

Johnny Sanders (21:38)

directories out there. I’ve got contacts in all sorts of different states in the country. Let me know. Reach out to me if I can be of help. Again, I’m not your God. I would never intend to solve all your problems. I can’t do that, but I can help point you in the right direction. To those of you who are listening, again, thank you so much. I really appreciate the support. I hope this has been helpful to you. I hope you have a wonderful, wonderful weekend. Again, feel free to let me know in the comments what you’re doing this weekend. Is it something for fun this weekend? I’d love to hear from you. Otherwise, I hope you have a great weekend and we’ll catch you on the next episode.