Ex-Navy SEAL Reveals the Desperate Need for Masculine Discipleship

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Join me for an intriguing chat with Jason Perry, a former atheist turned Christian pastor! We dive into Jason’s incredible testimony, from his struggles with anger and abandonment wounds to finding Jesus through an apologetics book. Jason shares how his perspective shifted from die-hard atheist to agnostic to fully devoted Christ-follower. You’ll discover how Jason became dissatisfied with the feminized, rainbow unicorn version of Jesus preached in many pulpits. We discuss the desperate need for masculine leadership and discipleship in today’s Church. Jason defines what he means by a “masculine Jesus” – one who protects, leads, and lays down His life for His flock. Jason recounts his journey to find a pastor “with a scar and a callus” and how he discovered masculine mentors who helped him heal deep wounds. We talk about the value of small groups and “war councils” of accountability partners. Jason offers great advice for men and women seeking to live out an authentic warrior faith. This conversation overflows with hard-hitting truth, delivered straight from the heart of a battle-tested former Navy SEAL. Don’t miss it!

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00:00:00 – Supporting Gender-Confused Children

00:01:20 – Jason’s Journey to Faith

00:03:29 – Overcoming Wounds and Finding Peace

00:08:25 – From Atheist to Agnostic

00:11:22 – Impact of Gordon Hugenberger’s Teaching

00:13:52 – From Emergency Preparedness to Operation Restored Warrior

00:14:55 – Discovering a Masculine Jesus

00:16:28 – Embracing True Masculinity in Church

00:20:27 – The Role of Soldiers and Men in Society

00:27:36 – The Importance of Preaching Truth

00:28:54 – Finding a Place in the Church

00:30:33 – Becoming a Christian Warrior

00:34:45 – Embracing Power Constrained

00:35:29 – The Importance of Community 


00:00:00 – Johnny Sanders
Do you have a child that is gender confused? Are you the parent of somebody who is either identified as transgender using different pronouns or some other type of gender confusion, just propaganda being shoved down your, kids throats? Well, I created the Biblically Parenting Gender-Confused Children Support Group for parents just like you. The support group is completely free. We meet monthly, and you can connect with other like-minded Christian parents who are struggling with how to parent children who are gender confused. They are getting all sorts of nonsense brought to them by the world, and I want to help connect parents who are going through similar struggles and be able to tackle this issue through a Biblical worldview. If you are interested in joining this group or know somebody who might be interested in this group, head on over to faithfullyengaged.com and there’s more information about the support group there. I have a link down in the description below.

Well, welcome back, everyone, to another episode of Faithfully Engaged today. I’m really excited to have my guest on today. His name is Jason Perry, and Jason has all sorts of wonderful stories here from being a Navy SEAL, a cop, a paramedic, and now a pastor. So I’m really looking forward to digging more into Jason and what he’s doing with his life right now. So, Jason, it’s great to have you on. Why don’t you tell the guest or the listeners a little bit more about yourself?

00:01:46 – Jason Perry
Yes. So I was an atheist for 37 years. That’s the first one. And then, you know, during the beginning of, you know, I don’t know if you want to cover my testimony, what you want to cover today, but throughout that journey, I went from godless to, you know, carnal Christian to church shopping to horrified by not being able to find a masculine pastor anywhere in the continental us. I’m exaggerating, but, you know, just trying to find a pastor who actually has a scar, a calous was pretty rough. And then, you know, found one and got, you know, and, you know, and it’s been off and running since then. So I got a ministry, a church farm, and ministry down here in Johnson City, Tennessee. 44-acre farm with cows, hogs, chickens, our, you know, home, church, garage, church, whatever you want to call it. And it’s our discipling ground. We have a gym, we have a shooting range, and the farm is where we do all the discipling that is in the gym and everything else, you know. So it’s really easy to act all squared away and pretend on Sunday for 90 minutes, 60 to 90 minutes. But when it’s cold and wet or hot and miserable around big animals. People show you who they are. They show you like yesterday we had 6 300-pound hogs get out. And it was me and my wife trying to convince them to go where they didn’t want to go.

00:03:11 – Johnny Sanders
Yeah, I’m sure you see all sorts of real life like you’re saying in that scenario.

00:03:16 – Jason Perry
Yeah, it’s a blast. I recommend it to everyone.

00:03:20 – Johnny Sanders
Great. Well, let’s, let’s start kind of what, what you started with there of going from atheist to pastor. I mean, that’s a pretty big jump there. Just give us a little bit more detail on your conversion experience and how that all went down.

00:03:37 – Jason Perry
Yeah. So my story actually starts with my Grandfather. My Grandfather was an orphan in a notorious Catholic orphanage in Newfoundland. And there’s a movie made on it called The Boys of St. Vincent’s. So he was sexually abused and abused there, which hardened his heart to the Faith. So we were, my family was raised without faith as atheists or God. Hostile, church hostile. And it had a devastating family. I’m the first to break the curse of that. I’ve got my Mom since. Great testimony in itself. But, you know, for over 37 years, you know, I was the enemy of God. And for a lot of that time, I would, you know, I’m, you know, we’re born empty vessels, right? So you’re either going to be filled with the holy spirit or you’re going to be filled with the world or the enemy. And I was 100% filled with the world and the enemy. So, you know, I acquired an abandonment wound at a young age my mom had me when she was 16. Dad was 18. Didn’t last long. I was passed around the family, you know, no one really fought for me. That’s what every person, every kid, everyone in this world wants. Somebody who’s going to fight for them, right? And when you don’t have anyone that wants you, this appears like them that’s going to fight for you. It appears like you’re not worth fighting for, right? So what do you do? You go out, you know, John Eldridge writes a lot about this. You acquire the father wound and then you put your first faith in your first girlfriend. You think that’s going to be forever. It doesn’t work out. And then for me, I went from the ser, from, from the wounded to the serial wounder. So I was like, okay, I just had my heart broken. I’m never, ever, ever, ever, ever going to trust again. I’m there. I’m going to be the cheater. I’m going to be the guy who does all that. And then, so I tried to fix it with conquest, with women. They’ll fight for me. All that. And that was very true. But all men betrayed. And God has put breadcrumbs, you don’t see them when you’re walking along, but you look back and you’re like, man, there’s all these breadcrumbs leading me to him. And he put believers in my life at key points where I started the sanctification process. It started, whatever you want to call it, the quickening, whatever you want to call it, depending if you’re a Calvinist or an Arminian or whatever, started the process of. I started meeting these men who had peace, who had peace that I didn’t have. Because what my power was is because I was wounded because I was incomplete. I acquired the superpower of anger, or whatever you wanna call it. That’s how I got through life. I got through SEALl training by burning as hard as I could. I got through life by being one step away from a fight all the time, right? That’s how you deal with fear. I was afraid of heights and so I’d have to go up in planes and get angry and, you know, to hide my shaking from fear and run out the back of the plane first. Right. You know, that was so that’s. That was my life prior to finding Jesus. I had a cancer scare and didn’t come to Christ. But then, you know, I considered myself an intellectual, for whatever that’s worth. But I consider myself a scientist because I was educated in the Northeast. My wife has a very similar testimony where you’re never given a chance to believe in anything other than evolution and science, right? In schools, the indoctrination starts right away and you have moved away from a creationist view to evolution time, the Big Bang, and all that, which I don’t have a lot of problem with some of that. I mean, God could have used it. But, you know, again, I never was presented with a countercase. And so during my time, like, I remember going through hell week and there were guys who, here you are, you’re in SEAL training hell week, you’re miserable. And, you know, I’m proud that I made it there, right? People are dropping like flies, and I went through the broken leg and I’m still there and I’m watching guys, you know, sit there and pray and thank God for them. I would get so mad, right, saying, no one’s doing this. But you guys, like, I don’t know why this. You know, how naive and how vain was I to say that? But again, it’s like a wounded animal you thrash out at anything and everything. I always wanted there to be a God. I was just afraid he wasn’t there. And if he was there he didn’t love me enough to care about me, right? That’s the key behind most of atheism, when you look at it, right, they’re all wounded, they’re all, you know, angry that there is no God. But they, you know, but there is, you know. So anyway, a book made its way into my life called I Don’t Have Enough Faith to Be an Atheist by Frank Turek and Norman Geisler. I want to say is the two authors of that, and that book in the first 3rd took me from die-hard atheist to agnostic. They gave me the counter-logical case for creationism, right? The specificity argument and how if anything was off by a thousandth of a percentile or this or that, we wouldn’t be here, right? All these different things. And it started showing me design. Design has a designer, right? I saw a DNA and it was code, right? If DNA was 100% code. Well there’s code, there’s a coder, right? That means that somebody had to write that code, which was God. So anyways, within that first page of that 1st third of that, I went from atheist to agnostic. The last two-thirds is the case for Christ where they present the evidence for Christ, how we can trust the Bible, how close it is to the original manuscript, et cetera, et cetera, et cetera. And I said, well hey, these guys were right about this. I’m going to give my life to Christ. So I gave my life to Christ. Had a, you know, felt this warm like I’m lying in bed when I say the prayer, right? I’m like, okay, I’m here. You know, there’s this spooky moment where I’m going to give my life to God that I’ve been an enemy of my whole entire life. I mean, I was an enemy. I listened to the most evil. My favorite song when I wanted to bench 500 pounds was God Hates Us All by Slayer, which is about the darkest. I mean that and all their other works were really hardcore. And you know, I had this feeling where I, the closest thing I could say is I’ve had no hypoxia, but I can’t remember the exact term, but it’s when you hyperventilate and you build up CO2 in your system and your whole body tingles every like every fiber in your being tingles. It was like that, but warm. Really warm. And I’m just lying in bed. I’m like, man, I’m dreaming. This. This is not. This is weird. This, like, this isn’t happening. My rational mind is coming in. And then I go to the gym the next morning, and I’m putting on my playlist, which is one big middle finger to the sky in my playlist, right? And so I go on and I hit play, and I’m like, I can’t. I instantly was turned off. Not by choice. So God stripped that from me immediately. He immediately convicted me of my music, which was part of my superpower, and he ripped my rage from me. So my primary fuel source was gone in an instant. Now what am I going to run on? I sat there for 15 minutes, skipping through songs, and I couldn’t make it through any of them to even do my next set. So, anyway, now I’m saved. I go to an alpha class. I end up going to Boston. While I was deployed as a SEAL, I lost my little brother to heroin and went to his funeral, and all of his friends were already dead from heroin. That’s why they went to Park Street Church. And they had a pastor there named Gordon Hugenberger. And Gordon Hugenberger was this giant of the faith. Like, he is a borderline Archaeologist. He’s got all these different degrees, PhDs, the complete opposite of me, right? But he in his congregation, that Boston probably has more colleges per capita than anyone, because it’s a small city, but it’s got a ton of colleges. You have MIT, Harvard, Boston College, and Northeastern Boston University. Just countless, countless. Well, the Christians who were, like, the head of MIT physics was a congregant at Park Street Church, right? So there’s a scientist incarnate. The head of the science department from Harvard would be. Was there at Park Street Church. So when Gordon got up there and taught six-day creation, he couldn’t be lazy, right? He had to get up there and present here’s a young earth. The argument. Here’s an old earth argument, here’s this argument, here’s that. And present it. Because if he just got up there and tried to jam something out there without all that, he would lose a lot of people, you know, out there. So I loved his teaching style by saying, hey, this is what the Bible says. This is how different people have interpreted this. And it was just exactly what I needed at that point. But I was still a carnal Christian. Diehard Carnal Christian, like I was. My heart wasn’t changed other than what God had ripped from me. I was still a liar and a cheater and all these other things. And, you know, I just figured I had to clear my balance sheet of sins before I died. And then my son was born, Connor, who has autism and autism, that watching my son struggle took out my baby Christian legs, right? Totally, like, knocked me over. So now I’m back to being angry that God’s punishing me for doing, for being an atheist for all these years by torturing my son with autism. And I’m watching all this stuff, and I get a bunch of woe is me, uh, stuff going on. And, um. So we ended up leaving Boston and going to Charlottesville to, um, to slow things down. We had family and friends. The Virginia Institute of Autism was there to work on my son because when you’re on the SWAT team, you don’t have a life, right? So I get a job bodyguarding a guy worth $52 billion, and they fly me in, fly me out, so I can live anywhere I want. They fly me in, fly me out, treat me very well, and it’s amazing. While I’m there in Boston, Sandy Hook happens. So that is, you know, the active shooter where an autistic kid walked in and killed a bunch of first and second graders and teachers in Connecticut. So I left my job and started my own company called Trident Shield Emergency Preparedness Company. I’ve been doing that for 13 years now. But during that time, I was running a gym that I started that was part of that business, and it was to train people to go off into the military, right, for people who wanted to be SEALS, all that stuff. And I started letting heroin addicts work out free, for free in the morning with the gym, and I’d pair them with a vet, or I pair them with a cop to try to give them structure and mentoring. And one of my friends came up to me, and he’s a Christian, and he’s like, hey, Jason, you really should go to this Operation Restored Warrior program. I’m like, what’s that? He’s like, oh, well, it’s this retreat with a bunch of guys and pray over you and all this stuff. And I’m like, I’ll look at it, and I look at it, and it’s for suicidal people, for vets dealing with suicide. That’s why I was starting. I’m like, Mike. It was his name. Like, I’m not suicidal, dude. I’m the most selfish guy I know. I want to ring every second out of life. I don’t want to, like, cut it short, dude. And he’s like, trust me, you need it. And I’m like, no, I’m not going. Well, eventually he convinced me to go because for the first time was at Lake Tahoe. And I promise, when I get to heaven, going to ask God, you know, three things. You know, I’m going to ask God, why Abraham, why Jason? And why not Tahoe instead of Israel? You know, like, if I’m like, why those three questions, I’ll ask him. And I could see everyone fighting over Tahoe, but Israel really isn’t that nice of a place. Look at it. No offense. Right? So. So anyways, I go there and I get radically healed. Um, I. They identified my father wound, which I didn’t know what to call it at that point. I get healing. I get introduced to a true masculine Jesus, not the beta.

00:15:58 – Johnny Sanders
All sorts of incredible, uh, details.

00:16:02 – Jason Perry
Yeah, a lot of footnote versions there.

00:16:05 – Johnny Sanders
Sure. And. And certainly it’s. It’s all due to, you know, to. To God’s grace, uh, throughout all of that. But what I want to hear more on is really, really what you kind of ended up there of the. The masculine Jesus, not the real infemate. You know, I always kind of termed it as. As hippie Jesus, you know, free love and. And all of that fun stuff.

00:16:34 – Jason Perry

00:16:35 – Johnny Sanders
What does that mean to you when you say, talk about a masculine Jesus? A mass. More of a masculine church. What do you mean by that?

00:16:44 – Jason Perry
So if I could frame that up a little bit. So after I got saved, right, I came back from ORW, and now I’m going church shopping, and now here I am, I’m on fire for Christ. And I started going to these churches, and I do like everyone else. I go to the place with the biggest band and the best priest show, right? And I go and it’s like a country concert or whatever, and I’m just like, all right, no depth, no substance. Pastor doesn’t have a callus on his hands, and doesn’t have a scar on his body. Has been a professional student his entire life, right? And I know guys at that point who are putting a gun in their mouth every night and trying not to figure out ways to pull the trigger. I know guys whose daughters are now strippers because they were deployed for all their teenage years. I know guys who are battling porn and every other thing, and no one’s talking about it. Like, no one is addressing this from the poet. It’s all about on-ramping rainbow unicorn Jesus, right? Come on in, Jesus, bro. But not Jesus, Lord. Right? Everyone wanted the savior, but nobody wanted the boss, right? Jesus is our boss, right? So anyway, I shopped around for a while, and then finally I got exposed to a guy named Ken Graves up in Bangor, Maine. Ken Graves is a Calvary Chapel pastor who was a lumberjack. So he wasn’t a veteran or he wasn’t some do with combat experience, but he grew up at 16 in a prison ministry. Help him. You know, he didn’t commit. He wasn’t in prison. He ran away because he thought, you know, the rapture was coming tomorrow to serve God and then was, you know, has been in the church ever since. Went out, joined the hippie Jesus movement, you know, all that stuff. But came back and started doing man’s work. He’s a lumberjack by trade, and he’s got a voice like Thor, right? Like two mountains grinding. And he’s masculinity, you know, incarnate if you’re a dude, right? He’s the first pastor ever looked at. And like, I want to be like that guy, right? You know what I’m saying? Like, he wasn’t there in a sweater vest, he wasn’t there in a bow tie. He was there in flannel. And he was real, and he was talking about real things and real challenges, and he was walking it out. Like most of the pastors, I know that. I knew their families were catastrophes, right? They have pastor syndrome, which is I’m going to pour in everyone else and leave my family starving. And so they throw prodigals everywhere, right? Ken didn’t have any of that. Ken was the dad to his own family, the dad to everyone else. When the cops had a problem kid that they found, they brought it to Ken’s house, and Ken would take him in. And Ken, so then he has this one-year resident discipleship program with guys and gals living separately. And they learn. He teaches them how to live, right? So he’s basically discipling them, just like Christ did every day through hard work getting in the Bible. And he fathers them, right? Which is what all of us are missing. The church has feminized now because we don’t have a father. We’ve gone off and embraced everything feminine, and we’ve made the church more feminine instead of embracing what it should be, which is we are called to be the good shepherd. Right? What does the shepherd do? Right? Jesus had a mission. He was the lamb when he came back, right? He was there to die. If he did not die, it would have been another failure of a mission, and we’d all be doomed. So he came to die. Okay, we are called to be good shepherds, to embrace that aspect of Jesus Christ which is to be a good sheep. Now, shepherd, what does. Who loves his flock, nurtures his flock, protects his flock, and trains up his flock. Right. So he has to protect him from the wolves, from the lions, and from other people stealing from them. And Jesus. You know, the Bible is so amazing. Like, it’s so amazing. Think of all the stuff that’s not in the Bible. These guys were on the road with Jesus for three years where they walked everywhere, chopped firewood, slept, spooning because it was cold outside. Right. They did hard stuff together. Hard, masculine stuff together. And men. Thank you. Men need to be challenged. And men, here’s what I’ve learned about men. If men aren’t leading, they’re coasting. And if they’re coasting, you have a blob of a man who. Who has checked out and the wife ends up leading. That’s a lot better. Sorry, I don’t know if I answered your question or not, but I think.

00:21:15 – Johnny Sanders
It gets into just more good content there of. We’re seeing this, obviously, in the church and just the culture at large. Yeah. When you don’t have true masculine leadership headship, everything else goes. Array. Um, my pastor said something, um, has been a while back in a discipleship group that. That we were doing that the man is the head of the home, not should be the head of the home, not might be, but is. And that extends to whether you leave the home or not. Like, you’re still the head. Um, and when the. When it’s fatherless, we know all the bad things that happen. And he actually gave an interesting statistic. I’m not entirely sure where it came from, but it was looking at families where, let’s say there’s a dad that just ups and leads the family, just leaves them cowards way out, and just has nothing to do with them. That’s a different category than, say, a family. Talking about military servicemen. Say, maybe somebody dies in Iraq or something like that, but they are a caring, loving husband. Those kids end up differently. Even though they. Both of them still don’t physically have a dad. At that moment, one has left and the other is dead. That dad is still the head of the family, even though he’s passed on. He sent all the letters from. From Iraq or wherever he was and was just intimately in their lives, even if he physically wasn’t there and even if his body was gone. He’s still the head. Whereas that person who just upped and left them, he’s still the head. He’s just not.

00:23:10 – Jason Perry
Explain that if you want to.

00:23:11 – Johnny Sanders
Yeah. Yeah, I would love to.

00:23:13 – Jason Perry
So the one who went to Iraq, did what God commanded us to do. He paid the highest sacrifice, giving his life for those he loved, right? To lay down his life for his friends, not only for his friends, but people who hated him and people who loved him. So he set the standard, an incredibly high standard of God’s standard, which is exactly what Christ did versus the one who got up and left abandoned. That’s abandonment. Right. There is no. There is nothing to lead there. There’s nothing to follow there. That’s completed on the betrayal. Right? So the one who. Who went off to defend noble high attainment, walking out God’s mission. Right. The other one, not so much. Part of the reason why we’re in this trouble is because the heresy of pacifism that has invaded the church, where people think turn the other cheek, means that Christ did that. Because Christ was going to be sacrificed. And. Yeah, that was why he did that. He told us right after, he said, while you were with me, while I was with you, you know, you didn’t need money, you didn’t need a weapon, you didn’t need anything, right? And if they didn’t, they wouldn’t receive you. Shake off the dust from your sandals. Well, he said, now I’m leaving. So now you need to have all these things. And if you don’t have a sword, sell your cloak and buy one. All right? Now, here is God himself telling you it’s better to be cold and miserable than to be unarmed in that moment, right? People like, oh, Jay, you’re okay. Who is the most celebrated two people, arguably, in the New Testament? The centurion who. Christ marveled at his faith. Right? God himself marveled at a blood-soaked centurion’s faith. Okay, so there’s one. Okay, two. Who did God have a heart after? A man. After his own heart, David. Who is what? A warrior. Okay, so there’s another one we’ll go about next. When Christ and God decided to open up the books to the Gentiles, who was the first person he saved? Did he save a theologian? No. Did he save a farmer? No. Did he save a doctor? No. Did he save a nurse? No. No. He chose a blood-soaked Centurion named Cornelius, right, from the Italian cohort, special forces Centurion. Right. So on top, you have all that, right? And why is that? It’s because no one understands time and sacrifice like the soldier. The soldiers and the people who risk their lives for a living understand the time and what they’re sacrificing far more than the person who never sees death or encounters death. You know, that’s why you see not only veterans committing suicide or being distraught and crushed, you see EMTs and firefighters and cops. Right, right. And this thing that’s happening now with EMTs, you can only see so many people dressed up, going to Christmas dinner in a car accident with their baby mangled in the backseat. Like, they see that all day, every day. People like, when you go to war, you expect people to die, right? So there are only a couple of people who you expect to die. The possibility of dying when they go out, one is gangbangers. Cause they’re in a war on their own ground, right? Anytime as a cop, because I was a SWAT cop, you encounter people and it’s like man, I never thought it was going to happen to me. This and that. Well, soldiers expect that to happen because they’re in a war and they know it can happen anytime and they understand the fragility of life. So they, when they step onto the battlefield when they step in front of others to protect others, they are literally walking out. The highest thing that Jesus said, no greater love than this, right now. You take all the beta males, you take all the people who talk for a living, you do all. They’ll never know that. They’ll never walk that life out, right? Your average soldier, average grunt, the average person who may know Jesus and may have read the Bible once and is trying to do it as good, has already done more, has walked a more Christ-like life than the permanent students ever will. And that is why when we started paying pastors these exorbitant salaries, where they become permanent students and they’re accountable to pleasing the audience and they don’t want to talk on this, they’re going to offend, you know, we don’t want to talk about abortion. We’ll split this right down there. And all my big donors are Democrats. So if I say that over here, they’re going to stop doing this or they’re all my pro-life and I, or just pick something else or another topic, right, this, or I’m not going to talk about sex outside of marriage because, oh, I’m going to scare away all the young kids that are coming here, right. And you become a slave to their pleasure instead of being a prophet, dropping.

00:27:56 – Johnny Sanders
Truth bombs, which is absolutely God is truth.

00:28:00 – Jason Perry
I wasn’t sure. How you could act that, no, God.

00:28:03 – Johnny Sanders
Is truth, and we need to celebrate and preach truth whether that offends people, which it will. It’s not a if it. It will offend people. And we need to do that regardless of. Yeah. Who’s, who’s paying tithes or offerings or whatever? God’s truth is above all of that. And I guess kind of last question that I have for you, for just the audience, that whether they’re male or female, but particularly for the men that like, yeah, you know what, Jason? You’re right. I fill out a place at church. It does seem too feminine that masculinity is really looked down upon at church. What’s your advice for them? Should they just find a different church? Should they start their own? Like,, what’s your advice for somebody in that position?

00:28:54 – Jason Perry
Yes, yes. And, you know, but not everyone can do that. Right? So home churches are what church was doing in concerts, all that. You look at acts, you look at the first church, first-century church. It was not what we have today. Right. It was not always. I understand the want to do that, but there are a lot of complications on this. Now, Francis Chan, who I, you know who I. Who I agree with a lot, but I also disagree with a lot. Right. You know, anybody who’s a San Francisco guy, I’m probably going to disagree with a lot on a lot of social issues, but I can’t disagree with how much that guy loves the Lord, right? He literally walked through, walked away from a megachurch because, you know, one day he heard his name being mentioned more than Christ’s name and was completely destroyed by that. Like, convicted and said, okay, this has become the church of Francis Chan and not the Church of Jesus Christ. And he crushed it and went away and started home churches. Right? A home church network. I think that’s great. But the other thing you can do is you can stay in those churches and you can try to be the change. The thing that I hate is how people bail on churches every time. It’s not the way they want. So you got to ask yourself, can I be the force for change to make my church better? And if you try that and you can’t, then you can move on, right? But you at least got to try, right? So what I tell every man and what I tell every woman to do is if you want to walk this way, the Christian warrior way, right, is one you need. You need a mentor, you need a disciple. You need to find someone who you look up to, who you want to be, right? We all want to be Christ. But there are certain people who are further along, right? Like the apostle Paul. Right? Again, everyone saw Paul, except for the people who hated him, which was a lot of people, right? Because Paul was walking it out, man. And Paul was the first one who was really being persecuted and punished and suffered and all these things because Christ said he would. Why? Because he persecuted the church, right? And that was the apostle of the Gentiles, right? That was their guy, right? The. The most, you know, the. The most. The literal pharisee of them. All, right? So, you know, again, so finding someone who has. Who is? Who is walking it out in their life, they may not be the best speaker, they may not be whatever, but if they’re living it out, you got something to learn from them, right? And I love home. Churches are. This is a glorified home church. I’ve converted this, my two-car garage into a church. We open up the two-car garage doors, and we can seat all the way down the driveway, you know, and do that. We also have, you know, a mountain in the back of our yard. I call it a mountain with 360-degree views where we do outdoor church when the weather’s nice and all that stuff. Because I’m in northeast Tennessee where the war weather is great. But anyway, so they can do that. But the other thing they need to do is they need to get what I call a war council. And a war council is a bunch of people around you who. They know all your weaknesses and you know all their weaknesses, right? So literally, it’s. You guys know each other’s dirt. So it’s mutually assured destruction if anyone betrays one another, right? But that’s. So when you go into battle, which is just like today, right? Let’s say you have a heart for Christ. You’re wearing a shirt with a cross on it. And let’s say you have a history of womanizing in your past, right? And there’s a very beautiful waitress there who sees your shirt, starts talking to you, wants to talk to you about Christ, and, you know, wants to give you her number so that you can do that, you will have your blinders on and be like, sure, I’m going to help this girl to Christ. Your friend will be like, nope, let’s give that to your wife. Let’s connect her with your wife. Right? That’s just to make sure. Now, I should do that, right? But even you can’t say what I was doing was wicked, right, in itself. But that’s to make sure that you got buddies around to make sure. You don’t take the off-ramp by accident. Right. When your buddies who understand you and they know your norm, and all of a sudden, you come up in the first sentence, you’ve already got four cuss words. Whoa, bro, what is going on? Like, you’ve already, like, you know, we’re all. You’re bleeding from somewhere where you shot. Like, what’s going on in your life? And my job as your bro, as your buddy, and as your work counselor was to figure out where you’re bleeding and to stop it. Right. To plug the hole. So, those are some things that you can do. The other thing that you got to really do is you got to become dangerous. And Jordan Peterson talks about this a lot. You know, that the 18. What was it? 1826 dictionary, Webster’s dictionary, or something like that is the dictionary I go to when I want a definition of something. It refers to the Bible and almost every one of its definitions since then, it’s gone, woke. And one of the things they’ve changed is meekness. Right? So, if you were to describe Christ as something, you’d probably say he was meek. Well, in today’s thing, the second or third line, you know, definition for it is weak or deficient in spirit. I’m sorry, but that’s, like, the opposite of what Christ was. Christ could have killed everyone with a word he endured, suffering, punishment, mocking, as God in the flesh without sinning, meaning that he didn’t have a wicked, angry, sinful thought like, that is so much discipline that it breaks your mind when you start thinking about anybody who’s been through any type of interrogation, training, anyone who’s ever had them. You think horrible things about the people who are doing this to you, not Christ. Right? So he is power-constrained, and that’s what we all need to be. The sheath sword. We know how to use it, but we only use it for justice and to protect them.

00:34:41 – Johnny Sanders
I think those are all. All fantastic points there, and it is something that’s really important. And I’ve been beating this drum consistently, especially post-COVID and the church, that you can’t do Christianity alone. It’s. It’s not an option. It’s not something that you can say, oh, well, I’ll just do this a little bit. Maybe I’ll go to church every once in a while. But it’s just me and God. No, that’s not an option. That’s not the way the church is made. We have to have that discipleship. So I love the way that you. You parse that out there because. Yeah, that it’s a Biblical command that we have to be, be with others, and then in discipleship with others. No doubt about it.

00:35:22 – Jason Perry
Yeah, we’re part of a body. If someone, if I cut this finger off and I lock it in a closet somewhere, it’s gonna rot and die, right? That’s where the enemy wants you. Isolated, alone, separated. You have to reconnect it to the body. And that’s what we need to do. And so because of, you know, YouTube and all these other things are great. Online services are great because you get at, you get connections and in the ability to take in as much as you want of, you know, teachers all around the world. But you need to be in a local body, period.

00:35:51 – Johnny Sanders
Yes, yes. End of discussion. No doubt about it. Well, Jason, these are all sorts of great topics that we’ve gotten into. I would love for you to be able to share just a little bit of how the audience can be in touch with you after the show.

00:36:08 – Jason Perry
Yeah, sure. There’s a couple you can find me@christianwarriormission.org and the best platform where I don’t get hammered with censorship is Twitter. I’m Pastor Seal. Copy pastor Seal. A cop like you see down there. Follow me on Twitter. I do a fellowship show Monday through Thursday from nine to 10:00 p.m. It starts with three battles. We fight a battle to get a humble and grateful heart aligned with the Lord. We do a battle to pursue our relationship with our creator. And we do that through prayer and studying a chapter a night. And then we also, the third battle is making time for fellowship with iron, sharpening iron. We do a fellowship and I interact with the audience. So again, people, we’re isolated, alone. And some people are more alone than others. And some people are in places where they don’t. We, we’re not meant to fit in with this world, all right? We’re not meant to. We’re always going to feel like outsiders. So this is a great way to do it. And what I hope is that people will grab more people so they’re not. So maybe, you know, watching our show or my Sunday service, which is at eleven, the same thing. And again, I stream it to all platforms, but Twitter is where, you know, they don’t hammer me. So I’d love to see you on there. I’d love to talk to you. I love to pray for you, any of those things. And I really appreciate being on your show, Johnny.

00:37:28 – Johnny Sanders
Absolutely. Well, I’ll have all of that linked down in the show notes below. So definitely go and check that out. And Jason, thanks again for being on.

00:37:37 – Jason Perry
God bless you, brother.

00:37:38 – Johnny Sanders
Absolutely. Thank you to everybody who tuned into this episode, and we’ll catch you on the next.