From Atheist & Addict to New Life – One Woman’s Incredible Redemption Story

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I recently had an inspiring chat with Caleigh Weichbrodt, who has an incredible testimony of being radically transformed from hardcore atheism and addiction to finding new life in Jesus. In this video, Caleigh vulnerably shares her journey into sexual addiction and prostitution, and how she eventually found freedom through God’s grace and deliverance ministry. I was so moved by her realization that despite all she had done, God still wanted her and had an amazing purpose for her life. Caleigh also talks about the importance of knowing our identity in Christ, and how healing begins when we fully grasp how loved we are by Him. She offers hope and practical advice for others struggling with shame or addiction. I found so much wisdom in Caleigh’s thoughts on getting involved in politics, the power of prayer, and how we can make a real difference standing up for truth – no matter where we live. She challenges all of us to use our voices. If you need some inspiration today, I encourage you to hear this powerful testimony of redemption. Let me know your key takeaways in the comments!

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00:00:00 – Launching a Podcast and Testimony of Faith

00:03:00 – Journey from Atheism to Christianity

00:07:24 – The Grace of God and Transformation

00:12:02 – Navigating Sexual Addiction and Speaking Truth

00:16:49 – Behavior Modification vs. Heart Transformation

00:17:18 – Finding Balance in Behavior and Identity

00:21:17 – Identity in Christ

00:23:57 – Finding Redemption

00:28:39 – Praying for Others

00:32:12 – Importance of Prayer and Action

00:34:08 – Repentance and Salvation for the Country

00:36:41 – Importance of Local Politics

00:37:49 – The Power of Prayer

00:38:32 – Taking Small Steps

00:40:26 – Resources and Practical Steps

00:00:00 – Johnny Sanders
Do you enjoy listening to podcasts and think, man, I would like to make my own podcast? This is where I found myself last year, and I have learned a lot about what to do and a lot about what not to do. I’m offering consulting services to help you launch your podcast, especially if you’re looking to make a more Christian or conservative-based podcast. To find out more information I have a link down in the description below if you would like help on getting your podcast started. All right, well, everyone, welcome back to another episode of Faithfully Engaged today. I’m really excited to have our guest on Caleigh Weichbrodt who has a wonderful testimony that she was radically saved from a life of addiction and atheism and was saved by the Lord and has just seen firsthand just the power of Christ and how he can change her life and change other people’s lives as well. So we’ll get more into her story in just a little bit. So, Kaylee, it’s great to have you on, and why don’t you tell us a little bit more about yourself?

00:01:18 – Caleigh Weichbrodt
Yeah, it’s great to be here. I’m a wife, I’m a mother, and I’m currently planted in the Washington, DC area. So that comes with some pros and some cons, but really just feel grateful that the Lord put us in this place, especially for such a time as this, where there’s just a lot culturally that’s happening. And I feel this big push in the body of Christ to start speaking up, to take a stand, to step out. And so it just feels very serendipitous that he has planted me in this location. But I’m just grateful to be able to come on here, share parts of my testimony, and hopefully encourage some people who maybe are walking through struggles in their faith or knowing atheists, because I was a pretty hardcore atheist, actually, before I came to Christ.

00:02:20 – Johnny Sanders
Well, let’s kind of start there. When I hear the term hardcore atheism, like, like you just mentioned, one of the first words that comes to my mind is, is bitter that there are people that they’re just so bitter about their belief, even, even though in it they’re like, well, God’s not real. So you wouldn’t think that that would really mean that much on the outside looking in, but you can see the hurt and bitterness and just kind of spitefulness at times towards God and towards, you know, God’s people. So kind of just tell us a little bit about your journey from hardcore atheism to Christ. Follower?

00:02:59 – Caleigh Weichbrodt
Yeah. Well, I. I’ve never heard that response, but I feel like it’s so spot on because that’s exactly where my heart was. I became an atheist because my parents got radically saved when I was about five years old. But five years later, they went through a horrible divorce. And I just saw the worst sides of Christianity, you know, people who didn’t really look like Christ representing him to me. And I just thought, man, this is a bunch of crap. Sorry. Sorry to say that, but I just felt like this is not, this is not good. Like, I just, feel so ashamed. There were some, there was sort of the start to my path with addiction, and I ended up with a sexual addiction. So it started through pornography and then led into some promiscuity, which eventually led to prostitution. It got very dark, but as I was a very young teenager getting into pornography and just starting to be promiscuous, I saw a lot of hypocrisy in the faith around me where the people in my life who were supposed to protect me and show me the way were doing a lot of the things that I was doing, but I was in the wrong and they were somehow justified. And it just created a lot of bitterness in my heart towards God. I felt like the rules that I was supposed to follow were impossible. Like, I could never measure up to that. I didn’t know how to fight my desires or temptations, and I just wanted desperately to get away from shame. And so I ran headlong into anything that would save me from feeling the shame that I felt. And a boyfriend introduced me to some atheist writings about how the flood wasn’t real and this and that. And it was, it was all I needed, needed just to say, okay, I’ve got some facts I can put in my back pocket and write this whole thing off and just get away from God so I can stop feeling ashamed. And I feel like pride really played a big role in this shield that I formed to protect myself from. Yeah. Really confronting what was wrong in my life and the path that I was choosing that certainly was not leading to life or abundant life, but so that was really the start of the atheism. And for me it was from there I started my career as a model. So I got scouted when I was really young and left home and did that full-time for about seven years. And through that, I think, too, being in that culture and that community where there’s a lot of atheists, you know, I left my small town in Tennessee for New York and Paris and Los Angeles and just a lot of, you know, big cities where people don’t have a lot of faith, there’s a lot of prosperity, a lot of wealth, and people just living life. Yolo, that’s a really big phrase, but, you know, it’s like you just, you only live once. Like, live big, live large, do whatever you want to. And so that’s. That’s kind of what I did. I threw any kind of morality out the window and just chose my own path. And I thought that’s what would lead to happiness. But it really just led to more bitterness, like you said, bitterness towards God and bitterness towards people who didn’t understand me, used me, and allowed them to use me. It was a really, really dark season of my life.

00:07:12 – Johnny Sanders
Something that you had said in there of, you can’t. You couldn’t get to those standards, you couldn’t behave well enough to kind of get that. Get that love, get that freedom in that way. So I go out and seek it in other facets. To an extent, you were right. Like, you couldn’t. You couldn’t get that. It’s the. What you found is the path that you went into. Those also didn’t provide that. So where in this journey did Christ come into this to realize that, yeah, none of these paths are going to work for me?

00:07:51 – Caleigh Weichbrodt
Yeah, well, so through a relationship, I actually started going to church, and they had a celebrate recovery program, which was sort of like my gateway into Christ, because I was like, I just. My heart is so broken. And I know, I know I can’t continue with this. Like, I would really love to find love, find a relationship, maybe get married, and leave this lifestyle behind. And so it sounds like these people who were sharing their testimonies of healing and freedom are finding something that I haven’t found out in the world, so I should give it a try. And what really struck me was hearing the grace message for the first time in my life where the Lord really spoke to my heart and said, no matter what you’ve done, I still want you. I still want you. I want a relationship with you. And you can’t measure up on your own, but with me, I can transform your life, and I can empower you to live a life that actually feels good, that you can be proud of, that you can find joy and peace in. And so one Tuesday night, sitting in a church pew, I said, God, if you’re real. And it was like I cracked the door open and just that little piece of consent saying, okay, if you’re really real, like, you can come in and I just felt the Holy Spirit come over me. I recently learned actually that in Greek, in acts when they say that the Holy Spirit fell, it’s this word called epipeto and it’s the love embrace. And that’s exactly what I experienced, this love embrace from the Lord in that moment. And it was so beautiful because I, I both had full repentance where I knew everything that I had done and thought about God was completely wrong. But I had no shame anymore. I just felt loved. It was like he divided all of that because before I thought that was my identity, I was a sex addict, I was an atheist. I was made wrong or made different. That made me oriented towards those things. And he just separated all of that and said, no, this is who you are and all of that stuff. I can take it away. My blood cleanses that I, I am the only thing that can separate that from you and restore you to who I originally made you to be.

00:10:43 – Johnny Sanders
What a beautiful, beautiful story there of forgiveness. And again, it’s not, it’s not what you did. You didn’t really do, do anything. God, God did it. And that’s, like you said, the grace message that we all desperately need, whether you grew up in church, whether you are dealing with some type of addiction, we all need that grace because we can’t do it on our own now after this transformation. And I think this is something where even as Christians, that people that have been Christians for a long time, we really talk about that conversion experience, that becoming saved, which is good. Like, don’t, don’t get wrong. Like we need to focus on that. But there’s obviously that you’re just a baby at that point. You know, there, there’s a lot of the beginning. Exactly. There’s a lot of growing up to do along the way. And I think this is part of what kind of intrigued me to speak with you is you even said this in your intro of just, you know, kind of living your life out in truth and trying to speak up for truth and you’re in a unique circumstance. I don’t think everybody has to have lived some of these experiences to help a witness to others and to help speak truth into their life. But you have lived some really tough experiences. You know what that is like for people dealing with addiction and things of that nature. And I think especially dealing with sexual addiction, and I would say even this more so as a female porn usage and things of that nature is a hot-button topic. And in the church, I do think is being covered more and more. But by and large, it does tend to be focused on young men, on males in general, which they still skew to be more of the ones that have those concerns. However, there’s a rising number of young women who are dealing with these issues, and not just young women, but women in general. So how. How are you able to help navigate that and speak the truth to some of these young women who are maybe going through sexual addiction? What are some of those things that you tell them about how to get out of that type of lifestyle?

00:13:03 – Caleigh Weichbrodt
Well, I think it’s hard because I didn’t come out of that lifestyle until I had a relationship with Christ. And so it’s interesting. I mean, it’s heartbreaking when I meet believers who are really struggling in that area. But something that the Lord really impressed on me from early, early on in my walk was the fear of the Lord. And that probably sounds like a really weird phrase to a lot of modern believers because we don’t really talk about that much, but it’s taking God at his word and what he deems holy. In his word, we call holy, and what he deems unrighteous, we call unrighteous. And we move away from that. And so I think there’s a lot of distance in our relationship with Christ, broadly speaking, in the body, where when we don’t have that intimate connection with him, he’s kind of up here and we’re kind of down here and we’re living our lives. We don’t really recognize that he’s inside of us, that he gives us the power to walk away from those things. And, like, I felt when I was not a believer, that I just could not measure up. And so many people, whether in the body of Christ or outside of him, who feel trapped by their addiction, often are really trapped. And it’s only through him that we can be set free that we can find that freedom. And I don’t know. I don’t know where the majority of your audience might stand on the ministry of deliverance and inner healing, but that was also a really big part of my testimony of finding freedom where I found myself in Christ, but not fully free from a lot of the patterns and behaviors that had kind of crept into my life through a lot of those decisions that I had made and through receiving deliverance ministry and also renewing my mind in the word to really grab hold of God’s truth and take that in, you know, like, ingest it and make it part of myself that is really, I feel like the two-fold path to finding true freedom in your life. And it starts again with intimacy and identity in God. And I think sometimes we try to focus on behavior modification first, especially if we love somebody and we just kind of want them to stop doing the bad thing. But we forget that the only reason they’re doing that is because their heart’s broken. That thing only looks attractive because they don’t know what real love is. And it’s only when they find that real love in God or through you as a vessel of Christ in their life that they can start to say, oh, that really doesn’t feel good anymore. But that, that’s what I want. I want more of that. Where can I go to find more of that? And it starts to lead them towards God instead of away from him because you get into that performance thing if you start really focusing too much on the behavior. Humans just are, I think, oriented towards sin. We want to do it our way. And our way typically looks like not God’s way, but when, when we love him and when we really experience his love first, it changes what we’re oriented towards.

00:17:02 – Johnny Sanders
What you’re just talking about there reminds me of some things that my pastor says. It talks about the two ditches. So you’ve got on one hand of, you know, yeah, I can just kind of do whatever I want. God’s going to forgive me anyway, and it’s no big deal. That’s a bad ditch. We don’t want to be there. But then we go into more the legalistic, I got to follow all of these behaviors. Exactly right. Um, that’s not a good ditch either. Um, and we’re imperfect. Um, so, we tend to drift. But, yeah, we, we need to get back into that, that center, um, into God is the one that provides. He’s the one that gives us salvation. But forgiveness and hope, um, and grace and all, all of that good stuff. Something you said earlier that I think is just really important, especially for Christians, is you’re talking about behavior modification and things of that nature that we can put our identity in that negative behavior. Yeah, I am, and porn addict. I am an alcoholic or whatever that it may be. And there’s, there’s an extent there, of admitting that I have an issue of something that is, that is good. We need to realize that something is an issue, but it’s not who I am. How did you work through that when you became, became saved, and became a Christian to work through? Yeah, that I’m shedding this identity. That’s, that’s who I was. That’s what I was doing, but it’s no longer who I am. What did that process look like for you?

00:18:43 – Caleigh Weichbrodt
Well, I think in some ways, it was easier for me to shed, but harder for people around me to remove that label from me, because, again, going back to God’s word, when we take his word at face value, we read in the Pauline epistles, like Philippians, Ephesians, that the old has died. We are new in Christ. We are a new creation. And that means that I am not my former self. And I think God just really opened my eyes to see I never was that thing like you were saying, you know, people are not addicts. They struggle with addiction. It’s not an identity. And I think we really. We’ve blurred a lot of lines when it comes to identity. And to talk about the gender issue and the sexuality issue, homosexual, saying I am a homosexual, taking on that identity is really damaging. And when I was an atheist, I actually struggled and kind of fluctuated between calling myself a bisexual or a lesbian. And in that season, I remember having some really hard conversations with my mom, who’s a believer, because I thought that’s who I was. And for her not to accept that about me meant I was not accepted. And this is the lie of the enemy, that we are made unacceptable to God, that we would take on an identity that says I was actually made wrong. Something about me, who I am, is unacceptable to God. That either makes God terrible or me terrible, and either of those is wrong, and b will really keep me from having a relationship with him and believing that he loves me. But I think that even in a lot of Christian circles, people have bought into this lie that, well, some people were just born that way. The Lord doesn’t make any person by mistake, and he doesn’t make them in a way that would make them unacceptable to him. And so I just. I think that’s really important to go back to that identity piece. Like, where are we finding our identity? It’s not in our job. It’s not in our behavior. It’s not in being a wife or a mother. It’s just being a child of God. If we’re a believer as a Christian, that’s our identity. Christ is in us, and we’re in him.

00:21:37 – Johnny Sanders
Absolutely. This next piece is going to kind of weave what we were just talking about into more of the broader culture. There’s just a really interesting shift going on, and this is. It’s more Internet culture. There’s some of this in real life, but sometimes if, especially if you’re on Twitter or wherever you can get sucked into your own little bubble and think that’s how everyone’s thinking, but it may just be a fairly small amount of the real general population. But regardless, kind of a hot-button issue right now is something termed, like, the red pill movement. And looking at women’s body counts and things of that nature, of how many sexual partners they’ve had. And it’s one of these things that I look at outside looking in. Um, and I’ve been married for several years, so I don’t really have a dog in the fight right now. Um, but it’s one of those where there’s some. There’s. There’s a cloak of sexual ethic in there that as a culture, if we were to have a general sexual ethic of, you know, one man, one woman, um, and they have lots of kids and happy marriages, that’s great. Like, that’s. That’s an overall good thing. But as with so much and culture, things get distorted and our own sinful desires get wrapped up into it. And we see things like, right now, as I’ve recorded this, one of the. The big thing, I can’t even remember what this individual’s name is, but some. Some Onlyfans model person that has recently come to Christ, and there’s a big debate, is she telling the truth? Is she not telling the truth? And I don’t want to get into it, because we don’t. We don’t know her personally. I don’t know whether she’s telling the truth or not. But more so, the sentiment behind this red pill movement of, well, you need to know the body count numbers and all these things. One, I guess my question is, have you run into that much personally with your own backstory? And also, what is your. Your advice or concern for maybe young women coming out of porn or some type of. Maybe they were. They slept a lot, slept around a lot, and they’re coming to Christ. What’s kind of your general advice for women in that position on how they can move forward with that?

00:24:02 – Caleigh Weichbrodt
Yeah, man, it’s so hard because, you know, as we said earlier on in the conversation, it isn’t an overnight transformation. There were a lot of things I had to walk away from. And while the sexual addiction kind of dropped off pretty quickly, the thought patterns that I had because of that didn’t. I actually struggled with borderline personality disorder, which, by the grace of God, I have completely recovered from. That is one of the mental illnesses and personality disorders are very hard to be restored from. Most people don’t recover from those kinds of things. My advice would definitely be, to get good help, but make sure that it is Christian and grace-centered. I harp on identity so much, but it is so essential because the enemy loves to attack with the shame of the past. And I remember following some accounts online of these just sweet Christian girls who saved themselves for marriage and their husbands saved themselves, and, you know, just the beautiful love story that they had and just feeling like that wasn’t my story and that would never be my story. And for a long time, that filled me with a lot of shame. But as I’ve begun to heal and realize, God has redeemed my story, I am able to speak to people who have struggled the way that those women may not have a voice in their life. So I’ve come to terms with my story and know that the Lord has redeemed my story. And so now I can follow those accounts, and I just admire the heck out of them. And I’m so grateful for the example that they are of hopefully what my children will get to experience. You know, growing up in a home where parents stay together matters immensely. My parents’ marriage fell apart because of an affair. And I think adults think, well, what happens in the marriage doesn’t really affect the kids. As long as we can co-parent, well, you know, they’ll be fine. And that’s not true. That’s not true. God designed the family to be together and for children to see that example. And so my prayer is, Lord, I want to raise my kids in a home where they have a biblical example of marriage to look forward to, something that they can admire and press on towards that they would say, is worth saving myself for and be able to talk to them about what healthy sexuality looks like in the godly context. And so all of those things come from modeling that more than anything, you know, it’s more about what is caught than taught. And so I think there’s a redemption story for every person who was involved in that lifestyle or maybe just was promiscuous, you know, maybe they just adopted that Tinder culture mindset and slept around a lot. And now, you know, are wondering, can I still have value? You know, am I still valuable? Would somebody still want me? And the truth is, not everybody will want that because people are judgmental. But the Lord loves you and wants you and will prepare a heart for you as he prepares your heart for what real love looks like. And I think there’s just so much hope to be found in Christ. It kind of hurts my heart when people take to the Internet to speculate about whether or not someone’s faith is real. I think that it is just kind of part of the world that we live in. But that can be so damaging for someone who is figuring things out. There might be a lot of cleavage that’s still showing. You know, maybe her modesty journey has not started yet, but, like, just pray for people. Just pray that it will be real. Pray that God would continue to transform their life, that they would continue to come into the fullness of who they are, what their worth is, what their value is, and that they would be a light in those dark places. Because, again, people who’ve gone to dark places, when they find the light, they can go back to those places and share that light with others and speak to those. Those pain points in ways that other people just can’t. That’s why the body is so varied. God designed it. Well, you know.

00:29:26 – Johnny Sanders
Yeah, I think that’s good. And both for the. Maybe the, for the young woman or young man, depending on the situation that is newly saved and is getting out of a certain lifestyle, one for them to keep their. Yeah, their sphere of influence is fairly small but trusted, and social media and things like that. And we could spend all sorts of time just talking about social media and some of the dangers on that, that you want to be very careful on that if you’re that individual that’s newly saved, but also if you’re that individual that’s been saved for 20 years and is the outside looking in, that’s why I kind of made this with this individual that’s kind of around the news right now. Like, I don’t really comment on that. I don’t know this individual. I don’t. Don’t know her. Don’t know her church or any of that. So you resisting the temptation as a more mature Christian to not get in these things that, quite frankly, aren’t your business. And it’s like you said, it’s kind of a product of our times. But like you said, to pray for. Pray for those individuals that maybe you see, on Twitter or wherever, but more importantly, those in your life, those people that go to your church or family members or whoever that they may be, to pray that they would either come to Christ or that they would get that right guidance, or maybe you could be that guidance for that individual. So, yeah, that talk about that bitterness, that bitterness heart happens in the church as well. And we don’t, we don’t want that. That’s not that’s not a part of the church.

00:31:04 – Caleigh Weichbrodt

00:31:05 – Johnny Sanders
The last kind of thing that I wanted to get into, tying into more of the overall culture. I find it fascinating with you being in Washington DC. You’re right. You’re right in the middle of all sorts of cultural battles and left and right and all over the place. Do you get that in DC? I talk often. I’m in pretty rural Oklahoma, so we certainly have our issues, but it’s a very different environment than what you’re used to. So what does that afford you? Being in a place like Washington DC, how are you able to kind of speak out against so many of the lies that are present just all over the place? How are you able to do that in a place like Washington DC? And do you find that pretty difficult to do in the face of so much opposition?

00:31:59 – Caleigh Weichbrodt
Yeah, I mean, it’s definitely been a learning process. You know, I got saved six years ago. And so as I’ve matured in my faith, I’ve also grown in that boldness. But really, last year, the Lord really put on my heart this scripture that talks about my house shall be called a house of prayer and the importance of prayer. And I feel like there’s a lot of, let’s say, battleground preparation that’s meant to happen in our prayer closets, that before we take to the streets and speak up, we need to have pure hearts. We need to have pure motivations. We need to seek the Lord for strategy. What is it, Lord, that you want to happen? And how can I partner with you in being the boots on the ground to make that happen? Because as much as I think sometimes believers want to sit back and say, God is sovereign, he’ll take care of it. And I’m just believing for him to turn it all around. Well, someone needs to go talk to the Congressman, somebody needs to go vote. Somebody needs to run for office. People need to be in those places that love the Lord and seek to honor him with their lives. And so being in this area, I have gotten involved in a movement called don’t mess with our kids. And we are actually gearing up for a prayer rally tomorrow on the west lawn at the US Capitol. But the coolest part about it is that it’s happening at all 50 state capitals plus DC on the same day at the same time. And this is an organized prayer strike. We’re not protesting. We’re not blocking streets. We’re not holding angry signs. We are simply coming together as the body of Christ to pray and say, God, this is your nation. We have strayed from your truth. We have been complacent. We need to repent, and we need to seek you for salvation for our country. And we trust that you will turn this thing around. And part of that is equipping people to know how to get involved. And more recently, I was part of a day called Mama Bear Day, that’s here in the state of Virginia. And people gather together in Richmond to go to the state capitol and meet and pray with delegates, pray at the Senate. And I don’t. I don’t think the Senate is right. The House and the. There’s something else. I’m still. I’m still learning. Politics are confusing, and we have a commonwealth, so it’s extra confusing, you know? And I will just say for anybody who’s like, I don’t know anything about politics, and I. It really rubs me the wrong way, I’d like to just kind of stay out of it. I was there. That’s exactly where I was. But it’s important that we listen to the Lord and just start to branch out a little bit, start to take a stand. It’s okay to not know everything, but the Lord is sufficient to teach us in all things and to guide us in all things. That includes getting involved in our local politics, being involved in school board meetings, getting together with groups of believers to intentionally pray for our leaders, pray for our school systems, and pray for decision-makers in our country. Prayer is powerful, and getting out there is powerful. And no matter how little a voice you think you have, one voice can have a ripple effect on other people. And sometimes you need to be the change that you wish to see. We can’t always kick the can down the road to our kids or hope that somebody else takes up the baton and finishes the race for us. It’s up to all of us to participate and do what we can and what we’re called to make that change happen.

00:36:24 – Johnny Sanders
Absolutely. And I’m glad that you mentioned local politics. That is something I’ve been beating the drum of. And honestly, for, you know, I’m sure most of us remember during COVID policies and things of that nature. I think that was probably the first time that people realized, like, oh, yeah, those. Those state elections, those local elections.

00:36:43 – Caleigh Weichbrodt
That’s a big deal.

00:36:44 – Johnny Sanders
They matter. They’re really a big deal. So I know this is a presidential election year, and yes, the presidential election matters, but there are school board meetings or school board elections and county commissioners and all sorts of things out there.

00:37:00 – Caleigh Weichbrodt

00:37:00 – Johnny Sanders
That is important.

00:37:02 – Caleigh Weichbrodt
And congressional elections happening in June.

00:37:05 – Johnny Sanders
Yes. Like there. There are no limits to things. So even if that’s just your first step, is just showing up and voting for those things. Like, absolutely something. And as Caliegh mentioned, pray. Pray for your leaders. I think that’s something. As Christians, sometimes we do a poor job of, we may pray for, you know, the direction of things, but, like, I mean, honestly, when’s the last time that you, you prayed for Joe Biden, that you played for Nancy Pelosi? People that you may not agree with, like, we need to pray for them. They are elected leaders, whether you want them there or not, they’re still there. So using that voice of prayer, too, um, is a big deal. And then I love that, you know, the, the organization going on there, especially for our kids, and the, the. I think part of why this gender debate has been such a big deal is, as you mentioned, you don’t have to be, and you don’t have to be involved in every political battle. You don’t have to know about all the taxes and all sorts of stuff that maybe you just don’t know. But I’m willing to bet you know what a boy and a girl are like. It’s a pretty basic truth that our culture has just been upside down and all over the place to try to shoehorn this in, but we know, what the truth is, and it obviously affects our kids. So for some of those easy things, those basic things, like, you don’t have to necessarily be a part of a protest or run for office or whatever. I recently had a guest, who wrote a book about kind of gender confusion and tips and tricks for parents, Pamela Garfield Yeager. And she talked about some of the things you could do at your job, like that. Have your pronoun things and the email signature, just don’t do it. Don’t do those little things. And I’m not saying you’re gonna change your whole company or change the whole world, but you never know the impact you’ll make. Maybe that changes policies. Maybe that gets your boss to realize, like, yeah, this really is kind of silly. Taking the courage to take those small steps goes such a long way. So, yeah, when we’re talking about politics, it’s not just about the ballot box. There. There are other small stances that you can take along the way that go honestly and make a bigger impact on your day-to-day than voting for Republican or Democrat on things. There are political things that happen in your office, in your home, in your community every day that are really, really important.

00:39:51 – Caleigh Weichbrodt
Yeah. And I want to encourage you to go to don’tmesswithourkids us, they are going to be putting together an app that’s going to have tons of resources for forming prayer hubs where people can get together and go through a prayer guide and know what to pray and have those kind of more specific prayer targets for our government, for education, for the family unit, as well as really practical resources on you want to run for office, this is how you do that. What state elections are going on, rundowns of who the candidates are in local elections where they stand on really important issues like abortion and gender issues. And so definitely go check that out because that is just going to be a wealth of resources for someone who’s like, I don’t know where to start, but I’m ready. Go there. Don’t mess with our kids. Us.

00:40:52 – Johnny Sanders
Excellent. Well, I’ll definitely include that in the show notes so people, can check that out because, yeah, I think parents and just concerned citizens in general need all the help that they can get on an issue like this, and practical, easy steps they can take.

00:41:07 – Caleigh Weichbrodt
Well, absolutely.

00:41:08 – Johnny Sanders
This has been a wonderful conversation. I know we could branch off into all other sorts of directions here. But Caleigh, where can people find out more information about you after the show and just different things that you’re involved in?

00:41:22 – Caleigh Weichbrodt
Absolutely. My website is and I have links to all of my social media there. I do have a YouTube channel with some teachings, especially on identity and the fear of the Lord and the Holy Spirit. So you can go check that out at gathergrow and then, yeah, social media, gather grow ministries.

00:41:46 – Johnny Sanders
Fantastic. Well, I’ll include the website down there below so everyone can check that out. And Kaylee, once again, thank you so much for having us on and sharing your great story.

00:41:56 – Caleigh Weichbrodt
Thank you so much for having me.

00:41:58 – Johnny Sanders
Right. And thank you to everybody who tuned in today, and we’ll catch you on the next episode.