Illuminating the Depths of Beliefs, Values, AI, and Personal Transformation: A Profound Odyssey with Soad Tabrizi

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Embark on an extraordinary journey as Johnny Sanders engages in an immersive and expansive conversation with the brilliant Soad Tabrizi, a distinguished marriage and family therapist, accomplished author, and trailblazing entrepreneur. This monumental dialogue delves into the intricate tapestry of beliefs, values, and personal growth, unearthing the hidden treasures of embracing change, harnessing the transformative capabilities of AI, navigating the ethically complex terrain, and propelling humanity towards a brighter tomorrow.

Introducing Soad Tabrizi

Soad Tabrizi takes center stage, extending a warm invitation into her world. As the founder of a telehealth practice spanning eight states, Soad introduces herself as a fervent advocate for nurturing joyous mental health journeys. Her unique perspective sets the tone for an enthralling discourse that promises to traverse the uncharted waters of the human psyche, the boundless potential of transformation, and the harmonious synergy between technology and growth.

The Power of Journaling

The conversation unfurls into profound introspection as Soad unravels the transformative power of journaling. A cornerstone of her therapeutic approach, journaling emerges as a dynamic portal for self-expression, growth, and the intimate exploration of thoughts and emotions. The discussion dances through the labyrinth of challenges individuals face, embarking on this cathartic journey, from the intimidating blank page to the delicate dance of articulating innermost thoughts. Amidst the dialogue, a poignant reminder emerges—creating a nurturing environment that kindles curiosity and empowerment is pivotal for the blossoming of this transformative practice.

Creating a New Habit

The narrative gracefully transitions to the art of cultivating new habits, illuminated by the radiant wisdom of Soad. As the conversation unfolds, the delicate art of consistency in journaling is unveiled—a cornerstone for forming new habits. Drawing from the fascinating world of neuroscience, Soad reveals the secret: it takes a mere 28 to 29 days to inscribe a new habit into the brain’s fabric. A reassuring revelation follows: even a temporary hiatus doesn’t erase the practice, as the brain clings to the pattern, simplifying the journey back to the realm of journaling.

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Getting to Know Yourself

A resonant theme emerges—the harmonious alignment of beliefs, values, and actions. In the whirlwind of a dynamic world, Soad sheds light on the significance of introspection—a pathway to ensuring that ideas resonate harmoniously with activities. This dance of harmony serves as a potent tonic for emotional well-being and personal growth. This dialogue weaves a tapestry that empowers individuals to discern the symphony between their beliefs and actions, nurturing authenticity and steering their life’s voyage toward an authentic existence.

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Standing Proudly with Your Beliefs

Soad’s narrative pivots towards therapists’ roles in creating a sanctuary for clients with diverse beliefs. Through heartfelt anecdotes, she shines a spotlight on therapists who honor and respect the kaleidoscope of perspectives that grace their practice. The journal emerges as a beacon—a catalyst for exploration, empowerment, and growth, enveloping all within its embrace, irrespective of the paths they tread.

Empowerment and Pushing Back

A lively discourse ensues as Soad and Johnny delve into empowerment and its intricate interplay with self-discovery. The discussion unfurls, underscoring the imperative of transcending constraints and embracing the kaleidoscope of beliefs, values, and passions. A tapestry of liberation and growth extends—the journal rises as a conduit, a medium that kindles an intimate connection with oneself, untouched by inhibitions or reservations.

Exploring AI and Embracing Change

A new chapter unfolds—a tale of artificial intelligence (AI) and the magnetic allure of change. Soad’s journey is a testament to the transformative power of embracing change, challenging preconceived notions, and charting unexplored territories. The dialogue sings a melody of courage, transcending comfort zones and dancing with the symphony of change.

Utilizing AI as a Productivity Tool

The symphony of dialogue crescendos into a harmonious exploration of AI as an invaluable tool for augmenting productivity. Through Soad’s lens, the art of AI’s orchestration comes alive—her ingenious use of AI to refine and edit content paints a portrait of the dynamic collaboration between technology and creativity—the symphony of discourse soars to new heights, championing a balanced symbiosis that marries innovation with responsibility.

Navigating Ethical Dilemmas

A poignant discourse unfolds—exploring the ethical landscape surrounding AI and its delicate dance with personal values. Soad and Johnny voyage through the labyrinth of ethics, guided by an individual’s moral compass—a compass that steers the ethical utilization of AI tools. Amidst the dialogues, the symphony of innovation and ethical mindfulness takes center stage—an anthem for leveraging AI’s potential for benevolent change.

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The Power of Self-Esteem and Motivation

Soad’s wisdom casts a luminous glow upon the domains of self-esteem and motivation. The narrative uncloaks the enigmatic dance of developing self-esteem and motivation—a journey crafted through action, resilience, and pursuing goals, even in the face of adversity. Soad’s odyssey forms a canvas—a testament to the transformative cycle, where action begets heightened self-esteem and motivation, fueling a virtuous growth cycle.

Looking Ahead

The dialogue, teeming with resonant wisdom, nears its zenith, leaving a trail of inspiration in its wake. Soad’s narrative crescendos into a passionate call to action—a clarion call for individuals to harness AI’s potential, infusing it with benevolence to sculpt a brighter global narrative. Her journal, a paragon of transformation, encapsulates the monumental impact of incremental steps toward tremendous achievements. Her fervent call echoes—a rallying cry to embrace change, confront apprehensions, and craft a symphony of transformation uniquely one’s own.


In a world that hurtles towards an era of unprecedented metamorphosis, the conversation between Soad Tabrizi and Johnny Sanders is a testament to the power of dialogue—a dialogue that shapes perceptions, ignites change, and deepens the tapestry of human understanding. It’s a symphony of wisdom that resonates with the untapped potential of AI, the currents of personal evolution, and the compass of ethical contemplation. Amidst this symphony, a message emerges—a statement of embracing change, delving into the intricate labyrinth of beliefs and values, and responsibly harnessing AI as the catalysts that propel the voyage of personal growth and societal advancement. This dialogue is an ode—a celebration of inquiry, development, and enlightenment that shines as a guiding star, illuminating the boundless cosmos of human potential.