Love That Heals: A Journey of Grief, Faith, and Service

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In a recent episode of Faithfully Engaged , Johnny Sanders interviewed Kim Sorrelle, an author, speaker, and advocate for living a life of love. Kim shares her inspiring story of overcoming grief and finding strength through faith. From her unexpected cancer diagnosis to the sudden loss of her husband, Kim’s journey highlights the transformative power of love and service. Let’s explore more into her experiences, her quest to understand the true meaning of love, and the impact of serving others.

Discovering Unexpected Paths

Kim opened up about her initial foray into writing after being diagnosed with breast cancer. Seeking information and solace, she began documenting her experiences and thoughts, which unexpectedly resonated with thousands of readers. Encouraged by friends and mentors, Kim channeled her personal journey into a book titled “Cry Until You Laugh.” Subsequently, she embarked on a deliberate journey of self-discovery, leading to another book, a bestseller, born out of her own intentional exploration.

Faith Tested, Faith Strengthened:

Kim’s faith was profoundly tested when her husband was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer shortly after her own diagnosis. Despite the difficult circumstances, she held onto her unwavering belief that God does not selectively dole out suffering based on past actions. Choosing to strengthen her faith rather than question it, Kim found solace and support in her relationship with God. She emphasizes that faith can either be weakened or strengthened in times of adversity, depending on one’s perspective. Kim’s unwavering trust in God allowed her to navigate the challenges and find hope in the midst of loss.

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The Healing Power of Love

Throughout her grieving process, Kim discovered that serving others played a significant role in her healing journey. She emphasizes that serving and being present for others provides a powerful means of moving forward and finding healing amidst grief. Kim shares her experiences of serving in Haiti, where she witnessed firsthand the transformative impact of selfless acts of love. Serving others shifted her perspective and allowed her to focus on the needs of others, ultimately bringing healing and joy.

Understanding Love

Motivated by her desire to honor her late husband, Kim embarked on a year-long quest to understand the true meaning of love. Drawing inspiration from 1 Corinthians 13, she explored the various aspects of love described in the passage. Kim shares her profound insights, revealing that love goes beyond mere patience and kindness. Love, she discovered, means being fully present, listening without assumptions, and recognizing the value of each moment. By truly engaging with others, she experienced the transformative power of love and its ability to change lives.

Recognizing the True Meaning of Love

In our modern society, the concept of love is often distorted and misunderstood. We are bombarded with messages from movies, songs, and novels that portray love as a whirlwind romance or a constant state of bliss. We are led to believe that love is solely based on the warm and fuzzy emotions we experience when we are infatuated with someone or when everything in our relationships seems perfect.

However, Kim Sorrelle challenges these notions and invites us to explore a deeper understanding of love. She urges us to recognize that love is not limited to fleeting emotions or idealized moments. Love is a way of being, a fundamental aspect of our existence that extends far beyond romantic relationships.

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Kim reminds us that the sources from which we learn about love, such as our parents, grandparents, and society at large, may not always reflect the true essence of love. Not everything done in the name of love is genuinely loving. Therefore, it becomes crucial for us to question and reevaluate our understanding of love.

Love is Not an Emotion

Love is not an emotion that comes and goes like the passing tide. It is a constant presence, an unwavering commitment to showing kindness, compassion, and selflessness to others. Love is an intentional choice we make, irrespective of external circumstances or the actions of those around us.

We often fall into the trap of associating love with what we receive from others or what they do for us. We might find ourselves measuring the depth of love by the gestures, gifts, or attention we receive. Yet, Kim points out that this perspective can be misguided and lead to disappointment.

Love should not be contingent upon reciprocation or the fulfillment of our expectations. Instead, it is an unconditional gift we give freely, regardless of whether it is reciprocated or acknowledged. When we truly grasp the essence of love, we understand that it is not about what we get out of it, but about what we can give.

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Kim’s wisdom encourages us to shift our focus from a transactional mindset to a selfless one. Love should not be a barter system where we expect something in return for our affection or care. Instead, it should flow from us naturally and unconditionally, enriching the lives of others and nourishing our own souls in the process.

Detaching Love From External Factors

By detaching our understanding of love from external factors and expectations, we free ourselves from the disappointments and heartbreaks that often accompany them. We learn to love others without judgment or conditions, embracing them for who they are and appreciating the unique masterpiece that each individual represents.


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In this journey of understanding love, Kim Sorrelle invites us to let go of societal norms and misconceptions and to embrace a more profound and authentic expression of love. Love becomes a transformative force, empowering us to cultivate healthier and more fulfilling relationships with our loved ones, friends, and even strangers.

As we navigate our lives, let us remember Kim’s insightful words and strive to live a life guided by love. May we challenge societal perceptions, separate our expectations from the essence of love, and cultivate a selfless attitude that extends kindness, compassion, and grace to all those we encounter. Love is not a transaction; it is a transformative power that has the potential to change lives and create a more harmonious and compassionate world.

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Challenging Our Perceptions

Johnny shareed personal anecdotes that shed light on how our preconceived notions of love can affect our relationships. He reflects on a time when his wife confronted him about leaving dirty socks on the floor. Rather than taking offense, Johnny realized that his actions were impacting their marriage. Love requires recognizing our own shortcomings and making efforts to improve ourselves and our relationships. It is important to separate our expectations from the true essence of love.

The Transformative Power of Love

Kim shares a powerful story from her own marriage, where she initially felt overwhelmed by taking care of all the household chores and responsibilities. However, she made a conscious decision to focus on making her husband happy, regardless of what she received in return. As she began to show love unconditionally, her husband’s heart softened, and their relationship flourished. Kim learned that love is not about getting something back; it is about giving without expectations.


Talking to Ourselves and Seeking Truth

Johnny introduces the idea of talking to ourselves rather than merely listening to our thoughts and emotions. He suggests that instead of allowing negative thoughts to consume us, we should remind ourselves of the truth and align our actions with love. Seeking truth and relying on scripture can help us combat destructive thoughts and patterns, fostering a healthier perspective on love.

Addressing Abuse and Unhealthy Relationships

Kim and Johnny address the critical issue of abusive relationships. While love is crucial, it does not justify remaining in an abusive or dysfunctional relationship. They emphasize the importance of seeking help, setting boundaries, and prioritizing safety. Love does not judge, but it also does not tolerate abuse. Walking away from an abusive situation can allow the abuser the opportunity to confront their behavior and work towards change.


In embracing the true meaning of love, we unlock the potential for personal growth, deep connections, and a more fulfilling life. Love goes beyond the surface-level emotions and temporary pleasures that society often promotes. It calls us to a higher standard, urging us to treat others with kindness, compassion, and respect.

When we challenge societal perceptions of love, we pave the way for healthier relationships. We learn to see beyond the superficial and focus on the core of a person—their worth, their value, and their unique qualities. Love teaches us to appreciate the beauty in diversity and celebrate the differences that make each individual special.

By separating our expectations from love, we free ourselves from disappointment and resentment. Instead of approaching relationships with a mindset of “What can I get?” we adopt an attitude of giving and selflessness. This mindset allows love to flow freely, unencumbered by the need for validation or reciprocation. It allows us to love purely for the sake of loving, without any ulterior motives.

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Talking to ourselves and seeking truth helps us combat negative thoughts and align our actions with love. We must remember that love is patient, love is kind, and it does not keep a record of wrongs. By engaging in positive self-talk and focusing on the truth, we can resist the temptations of anger, judgment, and bitterness. Love empowers us to forgive, to let go of grudges, and to extend grace to others.

In situations of abuse or dysfunction, love requires us to prioritize our well-being and seek help. It is crucial to recognize that love does not condone or tolerate harmful behavior. Walking away from an abusive relationship is an act of self-love and self-preservation. It allows the abuser to face the consequences of their actions and seek help for their own growth and transformation.

Let love be the driving force that shapes your interactions, your relationships, and your outlook on life. As you cultivate love within yourself, you become a beacon of light, radiating love and inspiring others to embrace its transformative power. Love has the potential to change the world—one heart, one relationship at a time. So let us embark on this journey of love, and together, let us create a world filled with compassion, understanding, and true connection.