Merry Christmas: Celebrating the Gift of Reconciliation This Season

Merry Christmas, everyone! Before we dive in, I want to inform you about my new Substack newsletter. I’m excited to connect more with you through a new segment called Faithful Feedback. There, I’ll answer questions and facilitate discussion around topics from the show. If that sounds interesting, check it out using this link!

Now, as you may know, I typically share interviews every Monday. But this year, Christmas falls on a Monday! So, instead of the usual lineup, I thought it would be nice to change things up and chat about the year that’s passed. I’d love to hear about any significant events for you in 2022 – feel free to share in the comments!

Personally, it’s been quite a year. The biggest news is that we welcomed our third child – a baby boy born in August! Going from two kids to three has brought delightful chaos. Beyond growing our family, I also officially launched my Truth and Grace Counseling practice. While I technically opened at the end of last year, 2022 was my first full year in business. It’s been incredible to serve clients and establish my practice. Additionally, I recently began offering to counsel continuing education units. It’s fulfilling to equip other counselors through my work.

And that brings me to the Faithfully Engaged podcast! Launching this show wasn’t even on my radar in early 2022. But after some thought, I realized the Truth and Grace Counseling podcast had organically grown into its community. So, I decided to spin Faithfully Engaged off as its entity. The quicker pace of solo episodes allows me to be more consistent for you, my dear listeners. I hope this show has a lasting impact in connecting Christians to engage positively with culture. I’m still exploring ideas like live discussion episodes to go even deeper. Please share any feedback on what you’d like to see!

While I’ve put extensive time, effort, and resources into Faithfully Engaged, I certainly haven’t done it alone. I want to take a moment to thank two instrumental people. My friend Dan created the Truth and Grace Counseling and Faithfully Engaged logos and branding elements. Having a consistent visual identity has been invaluable. Additionally, Dan’s brother Ian edits every single episode. As a one-person show, having his editing assistance allows me to maintain a weekly cadence. I literally couldn’t do this without them!

Their support brings me to my core message today – we need community! On this Christmas day, as we celebrate God becoming man to dwell among us, we must remember that we were made for connection. You cannot follow Jesus all on your own. I urge anyone who hasn’t been plugged into a church to reach out and get involved. Additionally, don’t neglect meeting up with friends you’ve lost touch with over the years. And if you feel lonely or isolated, be vulnerable and seek out relationships. God designed us to live in fellowship with others. What a beautiful gift that we celebrate today.

I hope you all have a wonderful Christmas filled with joy and meaningful connections. This season is all about the gift of Jesus bridging the divide between us and God. Let’s reflect on reconciliation and community in our own lives this year. Reach out, foster new bonds, and don’t try to walk this road alone. Merry Christmas, everyone!