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In this episode of Faithful Friday, Johnny explores the unique challenges millennials and Gen Z face, from digital shifts to modern dating. Drawing insights from Psalms 119:9-11, he emphasizes the importance of grounding oneself in Scripture and being part of a church community. Tune in for practical advice on maintaining purity and finding direction in today’s world.

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00:09  Introduction and recap of Monday’s episode with Lisa Anderson

02:23  Millennials’ unique cultural and technological experiences

04:48  Comparison of millennial upbringing with Gen X and Gen Z

07:08  Challenges of modern dating and marriage for young adults

09:34  Biblical perspective on purity (Psalms 119:9-11)

12:01  The role of Scripture in maintaining purity

14:24  Importance of church community and accountability

16:47  The necessity of regular church attendance and involvement

19:10  Memorizing Scripture and its impact on daily life

21:34  Using music to internalize biblical teachings

24:00  The significance of understanding and repenting sin

26:24  How to support the podcast and its outreach

Johnny Sanders (00:00)

Hello everybody and welcome back to another Faithful Friday here on Faithfully Engaged. Hope you’ve had a wonderful week so far and have some maybe some good plans going into the weekend. I always like these Faithful Fridays because it’s, you know, we’re right there, we’re right at the end of that work week. I know sometimes Fridays are just really celebrated and hope to get us a little bit of motivation going into the weekend, maybe give it a little more pep in your step to get you going through the weekend.

So if you tuned into Monday’s episode I had on Lisa Anderson, she is the host of the Boundless podcast over at Focus on the Family. And if you haven’t had a chance to, one, just check out that episode, or two, just check out her work, and not even just Lisa’s work, but also just Focus on the Family in general. Just some really good content out there.

As a counselor myself, they actually have a counselor database. And for me to be a counselor on there, I had to go through this interview process and answer a ton of questions about how it handles some sensitive type of issues in the counseling room to make sure that it fits within a biblical worldview. So,

all sorts of great information there. That’s where I, if somebody comes in my personal life and they’re wanting a counselor recommendation and you know, it can’t be, can’t be me because I know them personally. I most always recommend Focus on the Family for their counselor database because they just got some really solid, theologically sound counselors on that database. So big, big fan of Focus on the Family and, yeah, definitely check out Lisa’s show in that episode I had with her on Monday.

But we talked about various different things. The Boundless Show, it really focuses on young adults. So we talked some on there, you know, faithfully engaged. I made this more so focused on millennials, and I did that for a few reasons. One, I’m a millennial myself. I’m pretty smack dab in the middle of kind of the millennial generation there. But it’s also a generation that is just…

Johnny Sanders (02:23)

It’s kind of confused. I talked about this some with my wife. She’s a little bit of a younger millennial. But compared to Generation Z beneath us down there, and really Generation X above us, we’re just in a very unique circumstance. Generation X and certainly Boomers as well, certainly have seen a ton of technological

changes and cultural changes throughout their lifetime. But something about millennials that’s a little bit different is the pacing of the changes and some of the just lifestyle circumstances like that the part of life that we were in when these changes were happening is very unique. So for instance, I’m sure if you are a millennial listening to this, watching this,

you probably remember a timeframe in your house where you didn’t have internet for instance. And maybe your first memories of internet I know for me was dial up internet that was you know, really slow and you know, he couldn’t really do a ton of stuff on there. And honestly, even if you didn’t just have dial up, you didn’t live online, you would go to a specific

website to get something online. Maybe there’s a specific game site or something you go to like maybe maybe some of you can relate to this. I would go to candystand .com. I was a little bit older during this time frame like middle school but candy stand held all of these different games like there’s putt putt and different things. There’s all branded. All different candy brands had their stuff throughout it. I think there’s bowling and different stuff. But anyways,

I had to specifically go there to get to that information. There really wasn’t social media, things of that nature for a good chunk of that time. And a huge part of my formation in life, you know, when I was a kid, it was much more of an analog type of world. You know, there were phones and there were computers, things like that existed, but we weren’t connected online at all times during that

Johnny Sanders (04:48)

big part of my formation of my childhood. Generation Z and everything kind of down below them. Most of them don’t remember a time where there weren’t smartphones or high speed internet or Facebook or things of that nature. That was just part of their life from the get go. And millennials were just kind of in this strange spot where we had a big part of our formation in a more analog world.

But we certainly pick up on digital things as much more of a part of our normal day -to -day lifestyle as opposed to like Generation X or Boomers that it’s not like they don’t know how to use it, but they had a good chunk of adulthood without some of the digital things. And we are just here. And one thing that Lisa and I certainly addressed is how young adults, especially millennials, but even Generation Z and everything, what they’re going through now,

The whole concept of dating, getting married, that whole life is very different than probably what any of your parents, again, assuming I’m talking to millennials here, than any of your parents went through. Most of our parents’ generation, Gen X, Boomer and above, you date your…

You date your neighbors, a family friend that’s nearby, someone that goes to your church, somebody that’s in your school. It was just a very like, and it was a lot younger in general. You know, getting married late in your 20s into 30s was certainly not the norm. That was more uncommon. Whereas now that’s more of the norm. And it’s just in today’s time if you don’t have a high school sweetheart, if you don’t get married,

in college, there’s this gap here. Once you’re past college age, certainly you can date a coworker and you can, you can date people at church, but it’s just a, it’s just a confusing time. It can be very difficult cause it’s not kind of just built-in a society that, Hey, yes, this girl is out. Yes, this guy is out or whatever. and it just kind of fits. There’s this tension, there’s this awkwardness.

Johnny Sanders (07:08)

Do I get on the apps? Do I not get on apps? It’s just confusing. And we didn’t even just talk about dating. Lisa and I were just talking about just kind of lifestyle in general. What type of jobs do I want? And what direction am I going in? It could be a very, very confusing time. So I wanted to speak to this specifically to young adults, not just millennials, but even some older generation Z. And honestly, even maybe some

People that are like Generation X and things of that nature that maybe are just confused. Don’t really know what direction we’re going in. I wanted to talk a little bit more about that for those specifically that you don’t know where you’re going. So today’s text that we’re going to jump into is Psalms 119, 9 through 11. And in this, in verse 9, it says, how can a young man keep his way?

How do you keep your way pure? Look, we can look at this in many different directions now in today’s time.

Typically when I hear the word pure, especially in a Christian type of context, I think of sexual immorality, things of that nature, trying to keep yourself—your heart sexually pure in that way. Now it can mean a lot of different things other than just that. But how does a young man keep his way pure? We think of pornography addiction or even I’m living with my—with my girlfriend or—

Certainly on kind of the dating app world of a hookup culture just getting with the girl and this certainly applies to young women as well Just getting with guys and not really having a relationship There’s certainly that air there, of being impure certainly in a sexual type of terminology and the temptation might be how to keep yourself pure in that way. Well get off get off the apps; Don’t, you know, don’t sleep around. Don’t

Johnny Sanders (09:34)

Live with your boyfriend, with your girlfriend, you know, get off the pornography. And mind you, I’m not disputing that. All of that is good. However, if we approach purity, whether it’s sexual purity or just kind of keeping your heart in a godly type of way and in a good way, we can’t simply run away from bad. We can’t simply try to say, no, I’m not going to do bad things.

We start getting into a very works-based type of salvation, honestly, a workspace life. If I’m simply trying to not do things, eventually your will to just do good, your will to not do bad, you’re going to run out. There’s a reason as Christians that we believe that men are inherently evil. Not in the sense that.

Everybody out there is going to murder everybody. But in the sense that we, our hearts without Christ are not capable of doing good, of remaining pure on our own. So we can’t go in, even if you are a saved believer, if you’re a Christian, you’re really solid grounded in that you know that Christ has saved you. It’s not good enough just to lean on that and then lean on your own kind of willpower.

and everything to not do bad. We need to lean in on the Word. And I love here that right after, how can a young man keep his way pure? It says by guarding it according to your word. Look, if you’re trying to keep your heart pure, you’re struggling with porn, you’re struggling with just direction in life. I don’t know what I want to do in my life. Stop just leaning on yourself. Stop. Honestly, I’m going to bash on myself a little bit. Stop just listening to podcasts.

Like, you know, I make this podcast because I want to help people. But look, if you are seeking out help just through listening to Faithful Fridays if you’re seeking out help by just listening to some other podcast, that alone is not good enough. That’s why I like to bring Scripture into these Faithful Fridays, especially to get you pointed into Scripture. It’s not good enough just to hear words. It’s not good enough just to go to church on Sunday and hear the sermon. That’s great.

Johnny Sanders (12:01)

You should do that. You should be in a body of believers, but you’ve got to daily be in the Word. Look, there’s a lot of ways to do this. There are a million different reading plans out there. Right now, my wife and I are doing a chronological Bible reading plan. It’s pretty neat. It takes us like right now we’re going through Solomon’s life. So with this…

We’re we kind of skip around we’re like in and First King some we’ve read we’re about to get into Ecclesiastes we read through a Good chunk of the Proverbs like it kind of skips around and I like that I like getting to read different parts of scripture and it’s kind of just a different type of Bible reading plan than I’ve done before but there’s nothing special about this plan Honestly, you could like you don’t have to have a specific plan just getting the word

I like the plan because it kind of gives you something to shoot on. It kind of gives you some direction, but you have to get in the Word. I don’t care if you’ve read it every day. Like I would love you to. But if you’re not reading it all, read it once a week. Do something. Like, get into the Word. It’s imperative. I don’t care how often you go to church. I don’t care how many sermons you listen to on your apps. How many Christian podcasts you have. It’s not good enough if you’re not getting in the Word because it helps guard you.

It helps guard your heart against those impure thoughts, against those impure, you know, people or situations or dating relationships, whatever. It helps prevent that because that’s what helps guard you. You can’t do it on your own. It’s not good enough. So I can’t emphasize that enough. Also mentioned here, with my whole heart I seek you. Again, we’re not seeking to get away from porn. We’re not seeking to get away from this unhealthy relationship.

only. That’s a good thing to get away from if we have these unhealthy things. But that’s not what you seek with your whole heart. You’re seeking Christ. You’re seeking His Word. You’re seeking His love with his whole heart. You got to seek after that. Again, I’m emphasizing this for a reason. We don’t seek to just get away from the bad stuff. It’s good, but it’s not enough. We have to seek our heart onto something that needs to be to Christ, that needs to be into His Word. Let me not wander from your commandments.

Johnny Sanders (14:24.461)

Again, this just emphasizes how are we going to know His commandments if we’re not in His Word? How are we going to know His commandments if we’re not in a body of believers that can help keep us straight? I’m going to kind of get off the beaten path for a little bit. As I’m recording this, this is the day after us having a members meeting in my local church. And something that we’re emphasizing, we’re starting to make a new church covenant, what we’re praying about.

putting that into our church and it’s emphasizing church attendance. Now, in our church, we actually don’t have like a specific attendance where we check people whether they came to Sunday school or not, or whether they attend a church or not. We don’t do that. And honestly, we’re not interested in having that. What we are interested in having though is a commitment to regularly meet together as believers.

to covenant together as believers in the church and something that our pastor was really emphasizing I have felt this personally that when I’m gone for a week, say I go and visit family or something like that for a week, it’s great to go visit family and look, nobody out there is gonna have perfect attendance in church and that’s okay, you get sick or visiting family or whatever, that’s not what I’m talking about here.

What I am saying though, is that even in those legitimate reasons to be gone, I personally feel this hurt. I feel this missing, this longing of, I want to be with my brothers and sisters. I need that in my life. And that’s something that we’re stressing out at my church in our new covenant that we’re looking at to kind of put that in there of, look, we’re not going to check to see if you’ve gone one week and like, you’re kicked out of the church. But what it is is, hey,

Are you okay? We miss you. Maybe somebody’s gone for a month and we get concerned for your soul about what is going on. Is our brother and sister, are they okay? We want to check in on them. If you are not plugged into a church in that way, to where you wander away, you’re gone for a month and nobody recognizes that there’s an issue there. Because yes, there’s the personal Bible study.

Johnny Sanders (16:47.661)

that I’ve been emphasizing, we’re not gonna know those commandments and everything if we’re not in the Word, but we need a body of believers to help keep us straight. It’s a beautiful thing when there is church discipline, not for the sense of getting on to somebody or kicking somebody out of church or whatever like that, that hurts. But what is beautiful is when church discipline is done right, somebody isn’t fulfilling their covenant responsibilities.

And then they repent and they’re welcome back with open arms. It’s a beautiful, beautiful thing. You need to be plugged into a church that can help guardrail you in that way to where if you do err, that shepherd can help bring you back in. Again, this is not a solo game. This is not just about you, you, and Jesus in your Bible. You need to do this as a team with other believers and they’re gonna.

help you. If you’re wondering about those commandments of God, they’re going to help shepherd you back in. You desperately need a church family to help you with that. Lastly, on here, I’ve stored up your Word in my heart that I might not send against you. I’m going to be straight-up honest with you right now as I read this. I’ve heard this verse multiple times. Beautiful verse. It emphasizes the importance of

Again, being in Scripture, but honestly memorizing that Scripture, storing up that word in your heart. I’ll be honest that this is something that I’ve not been great at in my life and something I need to be better at. Part of me doing this podcast, I want to emphasize some things to help bring direction and everything to some people’s lives. It’s when I offer the consultation services. Again, I do think that God has—

Gifted me in a way to help listen and to understand people and to help direct that’s part of why I am a counselor But by no means am I ever trying to communicate that I’ve got it all together and that I don’t have any flaws I do you’ll probably hear me multiple times on faithful Fridays, especially Saying I need to repent about this. I’m wrong here. So Just throwing that out there. Don’t think that I got it all figured out Don’t think that any pastor you’re listening to has it all figured out if they’re not

Johnny Sanders (19:10.061)

pointing you back to scripture. They’re not pointing you back to Christ. It’s probably somebody you don’t want to listen to. So say that I’ll have to say, we need to be memorizing scripture. We need to have it in our hearts. And again, that’s something personally I need to do a better job of. I want to kind of encourage you in a couple of different ways. One way that some word has been stored in my heart recently, is we, those of you who know me know that we have three young kiddos and,

Look, there are all sorts of nonsense songs out there. And look, if you listen to some, like, Cocoa Melon type of songs or whatever, like I’m not judging you. We’ve listened to some Cocoa Melon. Although, recently, like most shows, there’s some, I think there’s some trans silliness that that’s on some of the new Cocoa Melon. I digress. trying to get away from some of that just silliness and then also some of the sinfulness that can creep into kid stuff. If you’re not a parent and don’t know about some of the

crazy things in kids’ content, it’s bad. So I say all that to say that my wife and I really want some of the songs and things like that to be more Christ-centered. And honestly, even some of the Christian stuff out there, it’s just kind of goofy and it doesn’t really have any depth to it. Well, my pastor has recommended something called Seeds Family Worship. If you have kiddos,

something to look into. They have a lot of different CDs out there. And most of it, I’m not going to say that, like, look, don’t think this is going to be like the highest quality of music out there, but most of it is far better than what you would listen to in like a VBS type of Vacation Bible school type of kidsy music. Some of it’s pretty decent. Anyways, what we like about it.

is it’s literally Scripture. And that’s it. They’ll add like little oohs and aahs and things like that to kind of, or they might say like clap your hands or something. Like they’ll add things like that. But otherwise, the lyrics are literally scripture and that’s it. And they put it to song. And something like that can be a really good way to hide it in your heart. It’s what I love about Seed’s Family Worship. You do this, I guarantee you, you personally listening to this right now,

Johnny Sanders (21:34.701)

this is at some point where you just start humming a song or start singing a song in your head or something like that. The music is catchy. And what I like about Seeds of Family Worship is it makes kind of the word a little more catchy in a God-honoring type of way. And it’s great because there’ll be times that maybe I get frustrated or get anxious or whatever it may be and then that song comes to my head and again the song is scripture.

So there are other things out there that are not just for kids. I don’t have anything off the top of my head that I can think of, but search for scripture to music, or something like that. Or scripture lyrics to music. Something in that realm. If you Google that or something, you’ll probably find out something. Certainly, go on YouTube and there’ll be some free stuff out there. So.

You know, when we’re talking about memorizing scripture, it doesn’t just have to be, I’m sitting there and just saying it over and over and over until I memorize it. Although that is good. That’s the other piece of it: just repetition when you’re constantly in the Word. So another thing that we kind of emphasize at church, the best that you can, you’ve got your Bible reading plan, and then from there, maybe get a little more specific. So I’m reading through the Bible, but then maybe I spend months.

And the book of John or something so where you’re really slowing down and trying to digest the word there, the more you’re in the word the more likely you’re gonna have it in your heart And that’s the thing, if we just go to church if we just have my Bible reading I just have my prayer and they’re very sexualized But then I have all the rest of my day to where I’m not really a Christian the rest of the day It’s not gonna be in your heart. You’re not gonna store it there

and for that end part so that I might not sin against you. And that’s another piece again I am guilty of, I need to repent multiple times that when I do sin, okay, God’s got it. I’ll repent, no big deal. It is a big deal. It’s a big deal when you sin because you’re not just sinning against yourself, you’re not sinning against your future spouse or your spouse or your…

Johnny Sanders (24:00.045)

friends or your mom or dad or whoever that you’re sinning against, you’re sinning against God, the Creator. That is a big deal. It’s what killed Jesus. It’s what put Jesus on the cross. It’s not just the Romans, the Jews, all that stuff. Like it’s you and me, our sin. And we need to understand the depths of that. And when we understand the depths, the depravity of our sin, it’s not just about making us feel bad. It makes us feel…

incredible for the forgiveness that we receive that we don’t deserve. So I hope that this is encouraging to you. I know we got into some, again, even for myself, some convicting things, and hope it is convicting. But you got to be in the word. You have to be in the word as much as you can store in your heart and be around a body of believers who are going to help direct you. And look, if you’re getting those things right, I’m not going to promise that your dating life is going to be great. I’m not going to promise that you’re going to find your dream job.

or that you’re not going to have any issues, especially as a millennial, as a Generation Z, as a Zoomer, or whatever. But I promise that you’re going to have a much better direction in life if you’re just trying to do it on your own. You cannot do this on your own. So seek God, seek His word, seek His clarity, and get into a body of believers that’s going to help you seek that clarity to get that word in your heart. And then we can start applying some of these other

you know, basic ideology should I be on the apps or not? Then we can start looking into that. But you gotta start here first. If we start with the worldly type of wisdom first, it’s not gonna get you anywhere. If you’re listening to this, if you’re watching this on YouTube, Rumble, whatever, I wanna ask a couple of things. One, if you’re listening to this on just a typical podcast app, whether it’s Apple or Spotify or whatever if you’re listening to this,

One thing that could super help me is if you enjoy this content, give it five stars, give it a comment, or whatever system that you use, things like that really do add up. It shows credibility for the content out there and it helps bring more viewers to the show. If you’re on YouTube, Rumble, or somewhere like that, do all the basic stuff that every content creator asks you to do. Like, comment, share.

Johnny Sanders (26:24.493)

Subscribe hit the notification bell all of that stuff I know you probably get tired if you watch a lot of videos of people saying that like okay here it goes again They’re asking me again the reason why so many people do that is it does help with the algorithm It helps get that in front of more eyeballs. Basically these algorithms say like all right this gets so many views and we tend to think about the view function as being important and it is

But if there are more likes, there’s comments, there’s shares, there’s all that stuff, subscriptions, it just feeds the beast. So do all of those little things. If you like this content, if you don’t like the content, cool. And if you don’t feel like doing any of that, cool. Share it with a friend, even just kind of in your normal day-to-day life. But all of that stuff really does help. Last thing I’ll mention, sitting there, you’re a millennial, like, dude, I don’t know what I’m doing in my life. I have no idea what direction to go into.

If you want a little assistance, again, my goal here is to get you pointed in the right direction. I can give some specifics. I recently have helped somebody even in a different country, I mean in Canada, to be able to help plug that individual into a church and help give them some direction of which way to go in a career path and everything. Let me know. Reach out, faithfulengaged .com.

or on X Instagram, Facebook, wherever, reach out to me. We can get something working and get my goals to get you pointing in the right direction to where you can get your life going. I don’t want to be in your life forever. I want to get you pointing in the right direction. So feel free to reach out. And otherwise, I hope you have a wonderful, wonderful weekend and I will see you on Monday for the next episode of Faithfully Engaged.