Passing Down Discernment: Proactively Grounding Kids in Scripture

The statistics are sobering – recent surveys indicate that upwards of 30% of Christians today hold views that contradict biblical teachings. As a pastor and parent, I find this incredibly concerning. How can we pass down faith to the next generation if even church-goers dismiss core parts of Scripture?

My friend Jim Richmond recognized similar patterns emerging. In his book Christ and Culture, he recounts noticing Christians apologizing for “whiteness” and defending riots after George Floyd’s death as justified. Believers were buying into progressive ideologies, often propagated on platforms like TikTok, without realizing the unbiblical foundations. Jim soon realized that these outside philosophies would continue making inroads into the church if left unaddressed.

Scripture warns against false teachers who twist doctrine (2 Peter 2:1). As Christ-followers, the Bible must be our source of truth. Any re-interpretation of biblical love without acknowledging sin and repentance misses the gospel. While God’s love covers many, it always operates alongside His holiness and justice. We cannot elevate one attribute above the others.

When it comes to navigating issues like LGBTQ beliefs, many progressives argue that consenting behavior in private has no public consequences. Yet that supposed privacy has slid towards demands that all of society affirms alternative lifestyles. Schools now teach kids that gender exists on a spectrum – a concept never hinted at in the Genesis account of God creating mankind male and female. Christians must push back against views infiltrating churches that contradict clear biblical teachings.

Other troubling frameworks like critical race theory and intersectionality serve to divide people and incite anger rather than forgiveness. By assigning immutable oppressor/oppressed status based on skin color or other attributes, these philosophies breed resentment. They contrast sharply with the unifying redemption message of the gospel, where all stand equal before God.

As Christian parents, we are responsible for passing along faith and biblical discernment to our children. We must proactively teach them to analyze ideas against Scripture, not just absorb the latest trends. My prayer is that parents and church leaders awaken to the urgency of grounding the next generation in God’s Word before they depart from truth. The Bible provides sufficient wisdom for engaging culture; we need not rely on the world. Let’s commit to opening it regularly together as families and church communities.

Have you tried these tactics and strategies? Share your successes and challenges with us in the comments.