Podcast Highlight: The Just Thinking Podcast


This overview is in no way my own work. Please consider supporting their work by clicking the support button above. Read more about Darrell Harrison and Virgil Walker here.

This overview barely scratches the surface of the in depth research they do. You will receive way more benefit by listening to the episode I have embedded above. Please listen to it yourself. It is well worth your time!

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New Series

This is a new blog series I am trying out. I want to give shout outs to different podcasts that have influenced me mentally, spiritually as well as influence the way I attempt to conduct my podcast. This new blog series is called “Podcast Highlight.” In it I will take highlights from a particular podcast show/episode. The aim of this is to try to point listeners of my podcast to other helpful podcasts.

This Podcast Highlight is focusing on The Just Thinking Podcast. This is a long form podcast that discusses cultural issues from a biblical worldview. These men, Darrell Harrison and Virgil Harrison, go above and beyond with their research. When I say long form, some episodes are over 3 hours in length. And all of these 3 hours are filled with first hand resources, bible verses and extremely little/no opinions. This is not a podcast full of fluff.

Black Lives Matter

These men have discussed a myriad of issues. Some other favorite episodes of mine include Black Lives Matter and the “free form” episode of George Floyd and the Gospel. These episodes stand the test of time. They are as relevant today as they were when they were released. However, these were released in the midst of the BLM riots of 2020. So few people were speaking out against the BLM movement during those days. It was in vogue to have a black square on Instagram in “solidarity” for the black community.

In the midst of all of that these men stood on truth and they brought receipts! A common phrase that they mention is that they “turn pages.” They “turn pages” through scripture as well as other articles/books to back up everything they say. Again, this is not a podcast centered on opinions. This was so refreshing for me especially in 2020. In the end, truth wins!

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Climate Change

In the latest Just Thinking Episode the focus was on climate change. As mentioned earlier, 2020 was a really dark year. It seemed as if the cultural was in a trance. With that backdrop, Darrell stated this:

I found climate change to be one of, if not the most insidious devices, that Satan has ever employed in an effort to deceive the people of God since he convinced Adam to eat from the Forbidden Tree in the Garden of Eden back in Genesis Three.

Whoa. That is quite the claim. For those that don’t know, Genesis 3 shares the story of the serpent (Satan) deceiving Eve to eat of the tree of knowledge of good and evil. This was the only tree God commanded Adam and Eve to not eat of. Thus when Eve and later Adam ate of this fruit, sin entered the world. They were both banished from the Garden of Eden due to this.

Thus, Darrell’s claim is quite heavy. I mean is Climate Change really that evil? Isn’t climate change just about stewarding God’s creation?

Defining Climate Change and its Evolution

Darrell and Virgil then begin to attempt to define climate change. This is extremely important as just throwing at a term without understanding its importance is quite dangerous. They both discuss how the term “climate change” has changed over the years from “inadvertent climate modification” to “global warming” and now to “climate change.”

Not only do they discuss that the term has changed, but also the why. Darrell gives another wonderful quote about this:

The reason terms like climate change keep evolving is because the definition of the term keeps evolving. And the definition keeps evolving because the narrative keeps evolving. And the narrative keeps evolving because the agenda keeps evolving.

You don’t have to be a “climate expert” to question why these terms keep changing. Quite simply, the goalposts continue to move as the agenda evolves.

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The Role of God’s Sovereignty in Creation

Both Darrell and Virgil line out God’s Sovereign role in creation. Biblically they discuss how God is not some distant god who created the world and then sits back and watches what happens. No, biblically he is not only the Creator but is also the Sustainer of creation.

If God is the Sustainer of all of creation then climate is also under that. Both Darrell and Virgil discuss how quite simply Christians do not believe in the biblical view of God as Sustainer. They believe this is due to biblical illiteracy. Christians must do a better job of reading and seeking to understand scripture in order to inform our worldview. This is in contrast towards putting our worldview into scripture.

Barely Scratched the Surface

All I have done is barely scratch the surface of the start of the latest episode of the Just Thinking Podcast. They later go on to flesh out an extremely pagan religion that is at the center of the Climate Change debate. My goal of this blog is to simply point towards their work. I can’t even begin to try to flesh that out they way they do. To hear this please click on the links I’ve littered throughout the post and listen to the whole thing. It is absolutely worth your time!

Consider making The Just Thinking Podcast a regular part of your podcast rotation. They are both busy men and are not able to post content often. However, rest assured that when they do it will be well worth your time. They also have quite an extensive backlog that can last you for some time.


Darrell and Virgil have a few books they have written as well. They read similar to listening to their podcasts. They are well worth your time. Just Thinking About the State addresses a biblical way to view government. Why are You Afraid? addresses ways to address fear/anxiety in a biblical way. Please consider reading these as well! They have more books planned in the future as well.